Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank God for The Hols!

Morning gals :)

Pooh! I had a good looong sleep last night, it's a good thing I got some rest 'cos I've been busy lately. But thank God for the holidays! It is now here~ The one-week CNY break I've been waiting for eversince the year-end break ended. Although I won't be going outstation (due to my Dad's condition), I have a feeling I'll have a good time this week. With my lovely cousins coming this week, I'm bound to have a blast! Gong Xi Gong Xi to all fellow Chinese :)

Mmm! I smell the pineapple, it's coming from the kitchen :P My mom is making pineapple paste for the CNY tarts. They're totally delicious, but just keep in mind, do not eat too much, I wouldn't want any of you guys to get sick. CNY is the time for family reunions and yummy treats! And it's normally always burning hot but it's gloomy this morning. Hope it'll stay foggy and cool all day. I may like CNY but I definitely hate the hot hot weather!

OOH I almost forgot. Some of you may be joining giveaways or maybe even hosting giveaways! I'll definitely join some now that I'm free. I found so many fabulous giveaways, I can't help it but join. I'll be posting them on my sidebar, or maybe write a post. So stay tuned for the giveaways shoutout!

Ciao ciao,



  1. CNY! Wow it seems to come faster each year! Every year my family and bf will go visit the temple in our area, it's really the only time we do that and I love the cny food! We always have the traditional foods and family reunions as well but honestly, those can get a bit boring sometimes =P

    Oh I hope your dad gets better!!!! Visiting the HK branch isn't bad at all! The merchandise there is much much better than in America, they barely had any cute/kawaii items there. I guess it's because they cater/ market to a different crowd than in Asia, which is why I love Tokyo Disney so much! I actually just came back from my trip but I definitely enjoyed my time at the happiest place on earth!

  2. Suki :) You celebrate CNY too? That's nice, GONG XI FA CAI :p I agree with you on how it can get boring but the CNY food are scrumptious and delightful ^^
    I love TOKYO DISNEY. And I intend to go. My dad says we might go, so I guess we'll be planning in the future. Which branch did you go to? :)


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