Thursday, January 13, 2011

School Life

Aloha Bloggers :D

Wooh, it's the second week of school and things are getting tiring now. All students had compulsary detention today, unfortunately, some of the parents are happy with the detention thing going on. Well, the students aren't but we, students, have no choice. Children are children, and children makes no choice. I'm in the students affair group which has got to do with hospitality. I hope that goes well.

I've been busy lately, not much time for blogging. I hope to join and win a few giveaways over the weekend. Will be updating the blog, I hope. :) Have a great week!



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  1. Yes, it's only second week of classes and they're becoming tedious already! Especially all the readings you need to keep up with! I wish you luck with those giveaways and looking forward to your update!

    p.s you're super pretty in that photo!


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