Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drizzling Skies

Waddup People! =D

I'm feeling good today as I don't need to go to school for the CNY break starts today! I'll be taking a break from school for a whole week. Of course it would be better if I had another week to be lazy but let's not be greedy :)

The grey clouds have been around since Saturday and they are still around. It's been pouring and drizzling for 2 days now. It is the first time in history that CNY is actually cool and chilly, CNY is known for the burning hot weather. But I'm thankful for the drizzles and the cool air, I can totally get use to this, I dont mind if this strangely cold breeze stays for the whole week!

The view outside my house. The sky is normally blue but looks like the gloomy mode is turned on.

Monday Status: Lazy and relaxed :)

Adios Amigos! (is that how you spell it ._.)



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