Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodies and Baddies

Hiya peeps :)

WHoo. This week has been a toughie for me but I'm still alive and well! :D And here I am to report to my blog. I hope yall joined the giveaway on my previous blogpost! It's terrific, there'll be more giveways to join, I'll be blogging alot today!

Here are pictures of the GOODIES I got from 2010's Christmas Season:

Lovely bottles of nailpolish, my sister and I just had to have them and we got them at a very cheap price at Bangkok's pharmacy. And the best beauty product I collected in the whole 2010, the Motherpucker Lipgloss set. Really happy, we got it :)

Below are the awesome goodies I won from Tzeyien's giveaway :D I was in shock when I found out I won, it's the second ever giveaway I won. It feels good and the prizes arrived at my house on the day I got back from Bangkok. I was really happy, it was like Santa sending a parcel to my doorstep. A million thanks to Tzeyien! :D

So in this picture are the stuff I bought from Hong Kong Disneyland. There were so many different souvenier shops with so many variety of Disney related items. It truly felt like a toy factory or like Santa's workshop. There were badges, earrings, soft-toys, cookies, clothes, caps, etc etc! But most of the items were pricey so as you can see I didnt get much from Disneyland. My mother bought a cookie box with authentic Mickey on it, I thought it was the neatest box in the whole store, I had to have it. Believe it or not, I havent touched a single cookie in that box. The adorable Minnie Mouse Pen Drive was bought by my daddykins, thanks Daddy :)! And those two badges were also bought by Daddy, I chose the cutest ones (okay, maybe not the CUTEST of a 1000 of them, but the... most pleasant ones) :P.

The title of this blogpost did mention Goodies AND Baddies. The goodies part of the blogpost has ended, that was all the lovely things that I got from 2010. But now back to reality, it's 2011. And I've already got back to square one, got back to school and still adapting to the new ways.

I didnt get a good start for 2011, firstly I was down with the fever and now... it's only the first week and one of the biggest challenge for my family and I has arrived. My dad's spine is injured, I'm not sure about the deets but it's serious. His back wasn't in good shape eversince he took me and my buddies to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. He went on a really hard and inconvenient (I felt it hard and inconvenient too) slide and since then his back hasn't been well. Now he might face surgery. We're still very shock to things, and it looks like my life may change a little or maybe alot. But I know that Jesus was help us, guide us and show us a way.

Please do keep my dad in prayers :) I'll really appreciate it. I'm hoping that he'll recover soon so that he'll be in tip-top condition once again. He was strong and healthy and I hope he still is :D

That's it for the BADDIES department. I hope I'll be able to overcome this! Meanwhile, I hope you guys have a great start to the year! :D

Lotsa pink pink Love,
Lizzy ^^

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