Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Last Day of November 2010

Hey lovelies,

I just realized that today is the very last day of November 2010. The last month of 2010 is coming, I'm just 2 hours away from December. Wow! November was quite a happy month for me, and for all students that is, I had 2 weeks break from school, I liked November because it wasn't Christmas yet and we were still one month away from saying goodbye to 2010 but now it's soon gonna be December. Sigh! Time do fly fast, speedily. I feel like we just started the year and now it's gonne be the end of the year soon. Again, Sigh!

Well, I invite December with a happy smile! :) After all, December is one of my favorite months, it's Christmas time!~ I'll update you on my December, hope I get at least A follower in DEcember :S!



  1. Hope your december goes right dear :)
    I also love december because of christmas :)

  2. time really does fly! haha you are too cute! i'm following :)

    also come join my holiday giveaway! :) http://skinniegenes.blogspot.com/2010/11/holiday-giveaway.html

  3. Hey! I'm so glad I finally got 2 followers ^^
    Liz- Thanks, I love December! Hey, we've got the same name :P
    Jenny- Hee hee, thanks for your compliment, I just checked out your blog, it's awesome, i promise to follow and join your giveaway.
    Happy Holidays you too!


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