Friday, November 26, 2010

BIG kawaii Giveaway from Modes4u

That's right peeps. This is a BIG giveaway hosted by none other than the kawaii-est blogs, Modes4u. I just wrote a blogpost about the amazing website, hope you read it. It's an online shop and a blog. You must visit :D

Now, the deets on this BIG kawaii~ Giveaway! First off, it's opened worldwide so, yes, you can absolutely join if you're living in Earth. Secondly, this giveaway ends on December 6th, 2010 which is a Monday... Modes4u will receive entries untill Midnight (that's when the spell breaks xD), so hurry up! The faster you enter, the better.

There are 20 prizes to win, I know!Awesome right? I think it is. Oh yeah, one more thing... the winner will be announced the next day (Dec 7th, Tuesday). Winners will be chosen randomly using none other than

The most important part, this is where you click -->> Do join before the contest ends. There are pictures of some of the prizes on the link I just wrote, so check it out :)

That's practically it, hope you join,


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