Friday, November 26, 2010

What a Fine DAY!

Ellow :)

How was your Saturday? Although it hasn't end yet but I can say that my Saturday was good :) Rachel (my older sis) took out her braces today (I'm not excited about that :P) and she went to her buddy's house, meanwhile I went window shopping together with my dad, mom and BFF (Abby Bengs). Nope, we did not buy anything but I had fun with her :)

We ate lunch together and she told me some funny stories that made me laugh out loud...AND we had a photo session together on the way back home, sorry, the photos aren't with me now! Will post soon. I just dropped her at church and now I'm resting. So glad, Math tuition is finally over. All I have to do now is concentrate on my LifePacs :/

Well, will update soon :) see ya!


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