Friday, November 5, 2010

The Middler Class

This is going to be an interesting post. I gurantee you. Is that how you spell it? Oh wells, :P. Do you like kids? Well, I'm in a class full of kids, some cute, some weird, but practically, they're mostly innocent.

Lemme give you a description of the kids in my class:

1) Me: I'm what you call, a girl-next-door. I pretend to be mature in class, but I'm just another ordinary girl. I'm the monitor. The highest grader in class.

2) Wei Yew: The assistant monitor. A hardworking gal, a great dancer and a fan of the KPOP group Girls Generation. (I'm a fan too)

3) Rupiny: The shy Indian girl in our class. A nice and kind kid. She has long long hair and she likes to share things.

4) James: I must say, he IS BIG. He can easily be influenced but he tries to do good. A good boy deep down. He can be hardworking if he wants to.

5) Esther: A loud and sometimes TOO hyper little girl. She wears glasses and has a twin. She and her twin sister are definitely one of the most special pair of twins in the world. She loves food especially food that she cannot eat. I know her really well, we're really close. I know her like the back of my hand and she is definitely strong for a petit girl like her.

6) Jun Jie: A really small eight year old. The size of a 3 year old. This boy is truly a little kid but I believe his mother has trained him to be the BEST. He is currently doing Grade 4 which is very good for a boy who's suppose to be doing Grade 2. I must admit, he is clever. Maybe he isn't, nobody knows.

7) Sheena: This indian girl is SMART. But she is definitely not hardworking I must say. Her IQ is quite high in certain occasions but sometimes she's just clueless. She's got alot of humor, although she gives this boyish image, she tries to be really girly at times. She can't sit still, she makes friends fast, she's also the type who speaks whatever's on her mind. Sometimes she can be annoying but she can be really funny and cute too.

8) Seah Yin: This 14 year old, likes to play with girls, I must say he is a playboy. He doesn't like studying and he can be rude. He's a jokester and he likes to tease.

9)Sheuk Yee: This typical chinese girl is new, she came in this year, maybe a month ago. Not really comfortable with the school yet but I can see that she's getting used to it.

10) Shau Cong: Shau Cong is a chinese-speaking boy and I can hardly see his eyes (as it is really small) but he is a hardworking boy, not sure about whether he's smart but yes, he is hardworking.

11)Erica: The older twin of Esther, again, I know this girl VERY well and both twins are like sisters to me. Without them, school life wont be fun. Erica is more hardworking, playful but not as playful as Esther. She's more mature I must say and she is a great friend (Esther too). She can do anything if she sets a goal. She'll do anything to reach her goal, although she can get out of hand. She is very humble too.

12) Huan June: This boy wears glasses and he is chubby (too chubby), he's quite disgusting (sometimes there are boogers sticking out in his nose xP) but he gets into funny situations. Lately he's been naughty and getting on my nerves. And for some reason I get feel sick or suffocated when I look at him. He has a high-pitched voice which is funny to hear.

13) Ellie: A new girl who can be different from what her appearance tells you. She has an understanding problem and that causes teacher to be frustrated sometimes.

14) Mesvern: Last but not least, Mesvern. He is as weird as his name but he brings the funniest things in school. He talk funny without noticing. Everything seems serious to him. He's very innocent and he jerks his head whenever he looks at someone. He is a very special boy, he can be smart too at times. My mom and sister thinks he's completely hilarious, I agree with the,.

15) Nicholas: The troublemaker. He has an attitude problem. I feel like cutting off his mouth sometimes as he tends to shoot out vulgar words if I tell him to sit down or do something (that's my duty as the monitor). Rude to teacher too. He doesn't do his work and thats a BIG problem for him but he doesn't seem to care.

16) Ken Seng: I nicknamed him the Crusty Lip Boy after some kind of disease on his mouth area. His mouth is really dry and his skin is crusty and flaky so whenever you look at him, he licks his lip in a very slow and funny way. He does things slow, completely SLOW!

That's about it I guess. I'll post the funny things these kids do, so stay tuned.


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