Friday, November 26, 2010

Just Jingle's KAWAII giveaway

Aloha peeps!

I just wanna inform you about a giveaway I joined yesterday. And yes, it's also sponsored by MODES4U, sick of it? I hope you aren't cos I'm not :P

Just jingle is a BUBBLY and EXCITING blog, so check it out at: Simple as that.

Now, GIVEAWAY DEETS (FYI, this is an ultimately kawaii CUTE giveaway, Like being cute? I got one word for ya, JOIN): Opened worldwide, it ends on Dec 3rd. Yeap, 2010 :D To find out the prizes and join, click here:

JOIN!!! It's jingletastic and kawaii, SUPER :) P.S I'll just post a pic of one of the prizes, kay? This is not the end, there are more prizes and the lucky winner will get ALL of 'em (PRAYING IT'S ME :D)



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