Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Arigatooo! :)

I'm back with Japan Kawaii GOODIES :) Cuteeee!~ Strawberry Anarchy and Modes4u is giving away Modes4u products. And believe me, all the products from MODES4U are super kawaii. The BEST. So if you're a kawaii fan like me, please check out the modes4u website, they have so many japanese kawaii products! Here's the kawaii website:
I'm a HUGE, major HUGE fan of Modes4u, it's a sad thing I can't buy products online :(

Look out for their awesome giveaways! Now, for the prizes, hai! The prizes. :DD
1- Kawaii Bento Lunchbox
2-Kawaii Mushroom Letter Set
3-Surprise Hello Kitty stationery Re-Ment
4-Super cute donuts paper bag
5-Gorgeous handmade Christmas stamp

One lucky winner will get all this kawaii goodies (I'm SO hoping it's me!) The contest ends 17th Nov, 2010 at Midnight and yes, you can join if you're living in planet Earth.
Convinced? Well, I bet you are, click here to join:
Pictures of the prizes are in the blog (the link up there), if you wanna check the prizes out, click above.

Good luck gals :)

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