Monday, November 29, 2010


Hiya :)

How are you lovelies today? I'm fine, sorta (there's always a sorta in my life :P) Yesterday was great! Sorta. Half of the day was crazy but the other half was awesome. I went to watch Tangle a.k.a the story of Rapunzel with Dad and my Unnie. 3 words: I LOVED IT!

It was awesome in my opinion, I loved Rapunzel's character and voice, Mandy Moore did a great job. It was funny too and somewhat different from other fairytale movies like Princess and the Frog, that was quite a failure. It had some very cool scenes and I loved the animation. They made Rapunzel look very pretty and I loved her oh-so-gorgeous golden hair, super long! :D

The hero was funny too and there was some romance but I find it awkward to see romance in a princess fairytale, I mean of course there had to be romance in a fairy-tale otherwise it wouldn't BE a fairytale but, it would be nice if it were real. I like the mini chameleon Rapunzel kept as a pet. Cute, the characters are humorous and great! I must say, it is a MUST-SEE movie. Awesome and if I were to rate the movie, I'd give 5 STARS out of 5!
It's that good, for me of course. :-)

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