Friday, November 5, 2010


Well, everyone's gotta have a nickname! It isn't necessary, but it's lotsa fun. I have a cute one, named by my best friend. Kabooshie baby. Oh yeah, I'm a Kabooshie Baby. I just love that nickname! Although I couldn't find a cute one for my BFF, I still named her Sir Fire Pimple, it was supposed to be Sapphire Pimple but... there's just a funny story about it. I'll tell you the story if I have time next time :P

So here's a FUNNY list of nicknames I created:

(Abby created) Elise. P.S I'M Elise: Kabooshie Baby
Abby (my BFF): Sir Fire Pimple. Or Tomatomapoto (my older sis created that :P)
Aaron (my pal): Moroccan Chickpea (I created this! GENIUS :D)

That's about it. Short, huh? I know. I'll update the list when I create more. This is just a random post :P

To be continued...
Lizzy... okay, okay, ELISE.

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