Friday, November 26, 2010

Cutesypoo Toys+Modes4u Giveaway

Hey peeps,

I've found another kawaii giveaway, sponsored by Modes4u (AGAIN :D, I never get sick of Modes4u giveaways) and also Cutesypoo, I just heard about this blog. It's a kawaii blog too, I like it's name ^^ how cute!~

If you wanna check out Cutesypoo Toy's blog, click here:

Here's the GIVEAWAY deets :)

The contest ends December 6th. I only posted a pic of one of the prizes but to check out more prizes in this giveaway and also to JOIN the giveaway, click here:

Oh, did I mention? It's opened WORLDWIDE :D

Hope you join ^^



  1. i've seen a lot of cute giveaway like this--how adorable.

    Please enter my Lanvin, Makeup, Jewelry & Nail polishes holiday giveaway!

    (it's international too)

  2. I agree with you, this IS adorable. I'll make sure to enter your giveaway. Sounds great! Oh, and I'll check out your blog too. Thanks!


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