Monday, November 29, 2010



My Kamio Banana Plushie is finally here! It came faster than I thought. Thanks to my unnie who searched all over the internet for it, thanks to omma who bought it and last but not least thanks to Uncle Albretch who helped with the shipping and all. And thanks to me for discovering it! :) I discovered it when I saw one of my fav singers who took a selca with it, and immediately, I had to have it.

This banana is squishy and soft, but that's not it, the reason why I loved and wanted it SOSOSOSO much is because it can PEEL open! FALALA, ain't that great. You don't come across stuff like that these days, it's super-duper cool and wonderful. It splits, it really splits! I love it. There's a picture of it above. It's the best Christmas present ever, totally a great companion for a good night sleep. I had a good dream last night ;)



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