Sunday, November 21, 2010

Katrina's Nail Blog Giveaway

Woohoo!~ It's giveaway time with Katrina :) I have a friend named Katrina but this is another great blogger who's pretty and loves painting her nails instead of doing her homework :P (she wrote that in her blog, great description Katrina ^_^)

Aha! The prizes, the catch of all giveaways. NOTE: All prizes are brand new and are bought by Katrina's own money $$, use it wisely if you're the winner! I will :DD I will not be posting all the brands and names of these awesome nailpolishes but the picture is posted above. If you want to know more details about the prizes and if you want to join the giveaway, click here:

This contest ends November 28th which is a Sunday, winner will be announced the next day. That's all that you need to know, please do click the link to find out more about it and please do join. P.S check out Katrina's blog too, it's great!



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  2. HEY!~

    Thanks for visiting my site, sorry for the late reply.

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