Monday, November 29, 2010

Da Dentist

Hey guys and gals,

How was my day? Lemme say something, HORRIBLE.Well, not exactly 'cos I didn't have to do any of my homework (lazy little me >:D) but I had to visit the DENTIST. Oh the horror, you know how people hate to go to the dentist's, well it wasn't a problem for me and it didn't really bother me but I just HATE it now! The drilling and the sucking, I can't take it. Especially the drilling, thinking about it makes my teeth now. Gone were those days where I'd just go to the dentist's to brush my teeth by the awesomely cool electric toothbrush (the toothpaste tastes great too :P) I really gotta cut down on the sweets, but hey, I'm not like to freaks eating candy 24 hours a day.

After the appointment, after the drilling and the sucking and stuff, we had to go to another dentist, it was Rachel's (unnie) turn. She took off her braces last Saturday and she went to pick up her retainers today. Mom succeeded in driving to Ampang for the first time (I hope she's happy). It was raining heavily and I didn't like going to the orthodontist 'cos its BORING! But I guess we don't really need to go that often now. So there you have it! Two dentist appointment today, I'm glad that's over!

Lizzy (still no followers yet, basically writing to myself T.T)

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