Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Awards Day


I bet you've seen a thousand posts about giveaways on my blog, well I thought I should insert some updates about my life :) Well, the year is finally coming to an end and the holidays starts soon, yayy! :P This Saturday, I'll be attending my school's Awards Day (Prize Giving Day), it's been a good year at Pathway, but things are becoming sorta different in that school but I met alot of new friends. I'm not involved in anything really, I was actually, but I just found out that I'm actually not an usher (I was told I was one). Kinda dissapointed really, because things just changed and... it feels different.

I'm hoping I get an award this Saturday. I was last year's EXAMPLARY STUDENT (not sure how you spell that :P), I was proud of myself but it seems that I have to step down from my place and give another student a chance. :( not showing off here but I still want to be the BEST student. Well, we'll see what happens this Saturday. I'll try to update, ya folks. :)



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