Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hey guys!

How was your day? Mine was...tiring but fine, quite fine :) As you know, today was my Award Day and I said I'd update you about it. Honestly, this was not the best Awards Day in history. It was boring actually, from the speech to the play. A lot of students were hardworking though.

And good news, I got an award! WOOHOO. And so did my best buddies, Erica and Wei Yew, I must say we deserve it, we've been working hard for the past few weeks and finally we get our prize! I bet both of my pals are delighted to receive an award, it's Wei yew's first time receiving an award by the way. I got the 1st prize in highest average score. I'm proud of myself.

I was out all day, exactly 8 hours and I'm exhausted. Well I'm relaxing now with my laptop :) Hope you have a great weekend. :D

Lizzy xoxo

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