Friday, April 1, 2011

Mon Cheri, Lily's AWESOME Giveaway!

Waddup people :) Here's a blogpost about Mon Cheri, Lily's SUPER-AWESOME giveaway!~ The prizes are sweeeeet :) Here's the list of prizes:

# a copy of vogue card from me

#a pair of geek glasses similar to mine

# owl necklace & adjustable butterfly ring from a vintage shop in town

# Japanese Gumdrop Pink Earpiece

# glittery pink purse from local brand in Singapore : Fourskin.

# purple scarf : Forever 21

a mystery gift from uniqlo!

I'm soooo excited ;) I love the geek glasses and UNIQLO part, oh let's face it, I LOVE IT ALL! I really hope I win! If you're interested, then click here to sign up! :

The contest ends April 15th, there's 13 days left from now, so hurry up and join!

It's opened internationally by the way.

All the best!



  1. Cute blog! Love the geeky glasses as well!

    love from San Francisco,


  2. yay! theres a heads up! love this blog tracking of giveaway i shall have to follow u to keep track haha ^^ i noted this down :) goodluck


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