Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Melodic Tuesday

Hello lovelies :) It's been quite a few days since I last blog. My last post was about my April wishlist, and I indicated that I was going to get my new iTouch cover striked off the list first but sadly...no I have decided to wait awhile because 1) too expensive, 2) not worth it. They had very little variety for the new iTouch 4, which I owned. There were so many choices for iPhone 4! I'm gonna go to another mall to look out for more designs this week so maybe it WILL be the 1st thing striked off the list :) (Photography by MEEEEE. Jar of Dreams) On to other events...Drink review :P I bought a drink for myself a couple of weeks ago before April. It was sooo hot so I decided to try it. By the way, it's called: Pudou Water. Its sports water actually, like Pocari Sweat. Honestly, I'm absolutely not a fan of Pocari Sweat, it tastes just like 100 plus with no gas in it. I prefer carbonated drinks. If you like Pocari Sweat, I suggest this one too, get the blue packet one, it tastes exactly like Pocari Sweat. I bought the purple packet one, grape flavour. I think the flavour is too strong that made it taste like medicine, chemically yucky :P -No makeup and dark face >< results of swimming

Hope you like the post :)

Adios Amigos miladies :)


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