Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Heyy-oo, now I'm trying to finish my homework and assignments. All of 'em are piling up, but dat's good 'cos I can take my LPTs and go to the next book fast :)

Things are gettin' tiring, as I haveta revise for my piano theory exams >:((, Grd 5! Boo... but I'm very sure that I'll pass. Writing a report on SLOTHS now, they look weird. They are weird, they're the slowest animal in earth.

Oh n those who needs to write a report on Sloths you can go check out this website... it gives the description of Sloths in simple english, its good :) :

NOW; don't simply go and click on it, it's for those who needs to get info on SLOTHS... not some Kpop website or bla bla bla xD...

Oh n GOOD NEWS: My emosharky Kat is back from Bangkok, WooHoo, tmr I'm gonna C her!

ciao :)

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