Monday, August 9, 2010

Preston Blair and His Amazing Drawings

Hey bloggers!

I was interested in poems last week (still interested) and guess what? I submitted one of my poems to a website, those who wants to submit theirs can go to:

Its a good website, my teacher found it for me. I tried sending in 1 first. I'm so excited!

This week while staying at home from school (the flu is back!), I drew some of the drawings from my dad's old book written by Preston Blaire. Dad won it back when he was young in some contest. Its really good! Preston Blaire is a genius! The book my dad won is really old and some of the pages are torn, there are a few missing pages and I'm hunting it down on the internet to see if other people with the book has those pages. I love drawing them! I think I copied the drawings quite well. I just found out that the name of the book is: Advanced Animation by Preston Blaire. Great book for those who loves drawing animation and cartoon!

Check it out!


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