Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cuppy Cakes for Celina

Cuppy Cakes! Today's post is about Cupcakes or as I like to call...Cuppy Cakes...that sounds cuter to me :P Mommy and I made cupcakes yesterday, colorful and fun ones, different from those healthy ones Mom bakes all the time.

 But these cupcakes are for me or my family, they're for my friend/classmate: Celina! It's her birthday, she's probably not reading this post but if you somehow ended up reading this...Celina, my little bear, Happy Birthday!
Anyway, my little birthday gift of delight and yumminess to her was a batch of colorful cupcakes which I have titled 'Love Potion'. They're just ordinary vanilla cupcakes but with a little touch of love and lurid rainbow colors~ 

Here's the process of making my Love Potion cupcakes, I took pictures yes! A blogpost is always happier and lovelier when there are pictures in it, in my opinion :P

After making the batter and giving them some color, we popped these sweeties into the Turbo to bake or as I like to call it: Tanning Session :P

Almost rising~
We took out some edible ornaments to dress the little cupcakes. From left to right: little edible red hearts, silver balls, and my favorite, red/pink sparkly sugar. 

I love the pink/red sparkly sugar, it looks like magic dust when sprinkled on top of white icing. 

What's your favorite decoration to put on a cupcake?

Almost there! You can see it's starting to rise. I love to observe cupcakes slowly rise as they bake, they look like puffy

In case you're wondering why we aren't baking the cuppy cakes in a normal regular rectangular oven...we prefer to use our trusty Turbo. Because of its small size, it heats up faster and uses less energy than the regular big oven. So in order to save energy, we prefer using the Turbo. Plus, its easier to clean up and more convenient to use because of its size. So if you wanna save energy and bake delicious treats, go get a Turbo people ;D

Time to let these babies cool down :)

Mom using a glass bottle to roll out the fondant xD alternative for a rolling pin!

Topping the cupcakes with a white layer of fondant as a base for the decorations :D
Mom's skillful hands pressing the fondant onto the cupcake :)
DONEEEE! Now for the toppings! Oh and spot the minions? They're the same minions we made from  my last blog post! My friend here has a thing for minions, I mean, who doesn't love minions? Minions on their birthday cupcakes! I'd like my birthday cake/cupcakes to have minions on them. So yeah, the minions were meant for her birthday cupcakes ;)
Remember these little guys? ;D Done popping them onto the cupcakes. We only made 6 minions so the other cupcakes were decorated with the silver balls, the mini heart shapes, and the red sugar dust.

Beautifying the cupcakes with a little bit of pixie...haha sparkly sugar!:) I call these the LoveyDovey Love
Potion cupcakes, they have extra looooove <3 br="br">

And now after beating the batter, after baking the cupcakes, after rolling out the fondant, after popping the minions on, and putting the love in to the LoveyDovey Love Potion cupcakes...

*drumroll* I now present to you, the final product of the Minions and the Love Potion Cupcakes! *drumroll*

I'm proud of the final product, after placing everything properly and neatly, closing the box and everything. We (Mom, Rachel and I,) stand back and admire our creation in awe, I'd buy this box of cupcakes, oh yes I will ;D 
I'm very pleased with our cupcakes, after a successful mission of creating the Minions, this is just the icing on the cake. I hope the birthday girl enjoys these cupcakes and eat them in delight. If you like making cupcakes and you wanna decorate them with something different and unique, try Minions! They're cute and totally fun to make. Look how nice they are on a cupcake? xD I think this is a great design and we're definitely going to make more fondant minions in the future.

Hope y'all enjoyed reading :)



  1. this post depresses me cause im hungry and at any moment i can just lick the screen now.. :O aw these cuppy cakes are beautiful! (you're right it is cuter when u call it cuppy cakes) aren't you a thoughtful gal for making these bites of delights for Celina :3

  2. these are SO adorable !!!!!! Love it =D

    xxx Vee


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