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My Thoughts On: Etude House's Follow Me Tints

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I thought I'd give a go in writing a review on  two of my favorite products from Etude House. Before I get into the review, I'd like to say that I don't think I've ever written a review before? Can't remember. I'm not really good at this so instead of calling it an actual review, I'll call it "My Thoughts On:---". I like watching or reading reviews on the internet but I'm not good at writing one. Forgive me if the pictures are very good or my explanations aren't very good, I'm just an amateur or a 'newbie' :P I'm not a very confident person as you can probably tell but here goes, here are my thoughts on Etude House's Follow Me Tints. 
I hope you enjoy reading this :)

Left: 2NE1 Follow Me Tint. Right: Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint

I own 2 of the Follow Me tints, I'm not sure if there are other shades available but I only have two of them. These two are my very first lip tints by the way. I got them in Penang last year, I think.

I own the 2NE1 Edition Follow Me tint, I'm not a BIG fan of 2NE1 whatsoever but I was quite interested in trying out the 2NE1 edition tint that Etude House had. The saleslady swatched it for me and I thought it looked super cool and not like any lip product I've ever seen. Let's just say, I was very fascinated by it's blue stick.

I for one, love the packaging. As always, I find myself buying a product because of it's appearance and the cute packaging. Etude House always dresses up its products in a lovely package and I think Etude House hits the spot on their packaging, I'm a sucker for their packaging :O The 2NE1 Follow Me tint has a white background for its casing and a pink 'Follow Me' logo along with several pink stars all around it. The stick is BLUE which really got my attention, I had never seen a blue lip stick at that time (now I see all kinds of multicolored lipsticks :P), the stick will have little red or purple spots on the surface once you apply it to your lips or once you swatch it. The picture can do further explaining :P Typical lazy Lizzy, not bothering to describe the product further.

I tried swatching it for you guys, but I'm just not good in swatching! Forgive me for I am not very experience when it comes to swatching :( But anyway, it first appears a sheer pink but when applied to lips, it can turn into an intense fuchsia color which I find very very cool. Both lip tints, by the way, go on pretty sheer at first but gradually becomes more intense after a while.

The Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint is my favorite! I like it a bit more than the 2NE1 one because of it's tangerine reddish shade which I think suits me better. This lip tint has a similar white background for its cover and little pastel tangering polka dots and a classic 'Miss Tangerine' sign.I think the packaging is much more lady-like and sweeter than the 2NE1 one which is more like...glamorous and fabulous to me :P
As I mentioned, the lip tints go on sheer at first and gradually intensifies after a few seconds. This one had a sheer orange shade when first applied. On my hand, it doesn't look very intense even after a few seconds but on my lips, it turns darker and much more reddish and intense.

What I love about this products:

The texture:
I'm not a person who likes the feeling of thick, sticky, lip gloss on my lips that's why I don't apply lipgloss very often, whenever I do, it feels like I covered my lips in tons of sticky honey. I prefer lip balms or anything that is thin and balmy. Which is why these tints are just the thing for me! They don't feel sticky, gloopy, or heavy. They're more like lip balms, they're buttery and slide on nicely, sorta like Vaseline. I like how they don't feel heavy. It feels pretty moisturising actually :)

The shades:
I like the shades of both lip tints, I feel like I can wear this at any occasion. They're pretty natural in my opinion. They're basically more like tinted lip balms, which I like a lot.

The packaging/ appearance:
I love both the packaging and the design of it. I think the design is very cute and pretty, it definitely was presentable enough to convince me to buy them :P The lip tints are easy to twist (or scroll? :P) up and down.
Oh and by the way! These lip tints are scented, I don't mind the scents AT ALL. I think they smell pretty nice, both have difference scents but both are strongly scented or whatever. You can't smell them from a mile away, they have very subtle and pleasant scents.


Overall I have no problem with both products except the fact that the stick is very fragile and soft. The stick inside or the product, is very very fragile, if you accidentally knock it or press it against something, the stick will mess up in its bottle and the product will sorta look like it's melting? It'll lose it's stick form. I'm not good in explaining but the conclusion is that if you ever get your hands on one of these, I suggest you be very careful with it not to drop it while applying to your lips. I speak from experience. I actually have two of the Miss Tangerine tints because my sister also purchased one for herself but we kinda got mixed up which was which and started sharing both :P One of them fell out of my hands and got knocked against the mirror while I was applying it, lets just say it was a mess but thankfully, it's still usable :P

Well, that's all for my 'My Thoughts On: Etude House's Follow Me Lip Tints' post. I think...I did a pretty good job. I don't know, you readers can be the verdict or judge. I'll polish my reviewing skills and write more blog posts like this one in the future. I have several products in my makeup drawer waiting to be reviewed :) 

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  1. Hi Lizzy: i too am a sucker for cute packaging but am trying to be better in that area by focus on the actual products rather than packaging alone. Nice reviews of the lippies.

    Thanks so much for you stopping by and leaving such thoughtful comment.

  2. Lipgloss with no stick ? That's brilliant! May check this out now that I read your review!
    Aww such a cute package too
    I love 2NE1 !

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  4. Thanks for commenting :D



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