Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hey guys!

It's NOVEMBERRRR! :D Just one month away from Christmas, I'm SO EXCITED! October flew by in the blink of an eye!

I'm back with a cooool post :P it's got nothin' to do with makeup or beauty or fashion or whatever. It's all about MINIONS today!:)

So recently, I saw a picture on how to make fondant minions on Facebook. My mom, my older sister and I decided to give it a go thinking hey, we might be able to make good minions, y'know. Our first attempt was pretty good (pretty good for us first timers!), we made cute and dorky minions out of store-bought colored fondant. It didn't look exactly like a minion of course, but our minions did look like minions (if that made sense). I took a few pictures with my iTouch so the quality ain't good, but here's how the first attempt Minions looked like.
This one's a grumpy one :P 
We decided to paint the goggles with black paint because Minions don't wear blue goggles!

My older sister about to paint the eyeballs white.
This was the final product of our first attempt/ first batch minions...
This isn't a good picture but it's all that I took when we were done making it, so apologies for such a bad picture :P
We were quite happy and excited that we had accomplished making Fondant minions and quite good ones too for our first attempt but we were so disappointed as the whole thing turned out to be a complete FAILLLL.

 For starters the paint didn't dry and smudged all over the fondant and we didn't know how to harden the fondant so it...melted :'( so we had to say goodbye to our first batch Minions...

But we didn't want to give up so easily, so Mom came up with an idea to buy a chunk of ready-made white fondant and using food coloring, we could turn the white fondant in to whatever colors we wanted. It was a brilliant plan indeed. Mom, my sister and I then started up the Minion factory again yesterday. 

Things you need to make an edible Minion :D : We got ready 3 food colorings: Blue (for the clothes), Yellow (for it's body and hands) and Brown (for its goggles...the actual Minions in the movie wears metal rimmed goggles but we just decided to go for all-brown goggles.) 
Some ready made white fondant from the baking store.
Some carving/shaping tools.

So Mom mixed and made yellow fondant, blue fondant, and that chunk of brown fondant in the left lower corner of the picture below (looks more like a block of minion poop :p) We also set aside a chunk of white fondant too for the minions' eyeballs, can't have no blind minions :)

We made shaped the yellow fondant into round cylinder shapes for the body of the Minion. And using the blue fondant we made clothes to go with the body, we don't want no nude minions xP We used a reference picture of the original minions in the movie to imitate how the clothes should look like. 

My older sister, Rachel, was the first to create eyes for her minion. WHAZZAM, 3D literally eye popping eyes :P for a minute there, her minion looked more of like Bart Simpson than a minion. 
 Look at that eye go...bulging out. That's not we want. We flattened it out in the end, to go with the goggles. I have a feeling she just made such HUGE eyes as a joke or a prank, my sister can be such a jokester xD
 Rachel's small yet creative hands can do wonders and make such fine details so Mom ordered her to make sort of like denim stitches(?) around the clothes for a detailed look :)
She added straps and a pocket in the middle too :) EEP! This photo isn't really focused properly, apologies :)

FINAL PRODUCT! :D Meet the FONDANT Minion family! Group pic for our little creatures :)
What do you think? What do you think? :D
Okay, so they're not very pretty but they are COOOTE! and insanely hilarious. Mom, Rachel and I couldn't stop giggling while making them.
We made 6 little sugar minions in total :)
Here's more random pictures I took of our creation:

This one's my favorite for some reason. I made the teeth, and it's definitely not perfect, it's extremely hard to make  perfect white teeth using fondant (plus I ain't a professional). I like how its expression turned out. Mom made its eye 'half' opened'. It looks like a dirty minded minion for a second but I think it's just plain cute and funny xD 

This little one unfortunately has no mouth :X But hey it turned out cute that way :p I made its clothes a tad too big which resulted in a small space to build its face, all we could fit in was its goggles and eyes :p oops!
Here's Little Happy Minion ;) Its so round, its so cute, its so happy, sigh, it makes me happy xD  But I just noticed that it has a missing arm on the right, oops! HAHA!
This one looks clueless. OOH!
Stole this picture from my sister's Instagram. This is the most craziest, hilarious , and absurd minion we have  ever made !
This minion was not intended to be made this way. I was assigned to create and make the mouth however I liked, unfortunately I failed in doing so and I tried to pull or dig out the whole mouth to re-do it but the brown fondant got stuck and made a mess! So I came up with a crazy but effective idea to carve out a chocolate bar out of brown fondant and make it look as if the minion ate a mouthful of chocolate and went high xD 
This one's sinking into its outfit xD And its grumpy too. But I love its shape and size, petit and plum!
A final group picture before I end this blogpost!  

That's it for my Minion blogpost! :D I hope you enjoyed reading about my Fondant Minion making experience. Definitely recommend for people out there to give it a go! I had loads of fun making them with my Mother and older sister. We laughed alot in the process of forming and designing these cuties! I think its way more fun to make them than to eat them. Our creations weren't exact or precise or fantastic or whatever but I think it's a bunch of quirky, funny, and extremely cute minions! 

Hugs and Kisses!



  1. Hi Lizzy! SUPER CUTE little dolls :)
    Gorgeous blog too, love the natural background. Followed you too ! :D


  2. These minions are awesome! They look tricky to make - you did a great job!
    Haha, I love the 'high on chocolate' minion. It reminds me of myself, lol.


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