Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crackers, Toast, and Jam


Blogpost number 2 this week, or is it the first? Oh I don't keep track of these sorta things! (heehee) Spending my time at home recovering, it get's really boring. I read books, take pictures, declare the Word of God, and read through blogs. I also doodle nowadays, which is alot of fun! I draw shoes, shown above, I call it the Shoe Collection. I copied the designs from a very cute Japanese book that teaches you how to draw or doodle adorable stuff! And I got addicted :P

Because of my health condtition, I haven't been eating any delicious food. As in pizza, pasta, fried rice, or other yummy food that I fancy :P My mom strictly keeps me on what I call the sludge, crack, and toast diet

What is the SLUDGE CRACK AND TOAST a.k.a SCT diet?

It consists of crackers or toast with jam for breakfast and snacks. NO RICE, or NOODLES. Just porridge (that's the sludge in the SCT :p) STRICTLY NO DAIRY. That means no milk in my Milo or Coffee or Cereal. STRICTLY NO CANDY. That means no lollipops for a lollipop-lover like me :(

Hope to eat all my favorite foods soon! :) For others who can eat whatever they like, be thankful! Don't waste :)

Song of the Day
And for the Song of the Day, I chose Taylor Swift's Speak Now!

A little summary of Speak Now! Haha, too lazy, copied from Wikipedia! :P

Speak Now is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 25, 2010 by Big Machine Records. Production for the album took place during 2008 to 2010 at several recording studios, and was handled by Swift and country music producer Nathan Chapman. Written entirely by Swift, Speak Now expands on the country pop style of her previous work, and features lyrical themes concerning love, romance and heartbreak.

Book of the Week

My pick for da BOOK of da WEEK is....Frank Cottrell Boyce's COSMIC. My opinion: I think it is no doubt, BRILLIANT+COSMIC. Very cute. My mom picked up this book at the book fair, the cover is super cosmic, super cool and super cute. See? Haha, look down.

Again, I didn't write this brief summary. But I wanted to post it here, so you can find out about it a little and maybe be interested and get the book :)

Liam is unusually tall for a 12-year-old, and he has also developed a bit of a beard, so he gets mistaken for a grown-up. This offers unexpected opportunities in a Porsche showroom as well as on his first day at secondary school, when he is assumed to be the new member of staff. And it leads to a strange opportunity in a Chinese desert, where, as a winner of a telephone competition, he becomes the guest of a shady corporation that is planning to make money from commercial space travel. While his parents believe he is on a school trip to the Lake District, Liam is posing as a father, accompanied by a celebrity-obsessed “daughter” who is one of his classmates, and undergoing astronaut training for a rocket trip to the moon. As Liam finds himself in a “Best Dad” contest, voted for by four other children, he copes better with responsibility than the other adults, and all five youngsters learn about what good fatherhood might be. (The author has the benefit of experience of his own seven children.) A crisis in space reveals that computer games may have a use after all, as training for operating a spacecraft.

The book is full of adventure and FUN FUN FUN. The dialogue between the characters can be very hilarious and cute too. I love Liam, the main character in the book, he's very smart considering he's in the Gifted and Talented section in his school. And not forgetting his companion , Florida, who accompanies him on their rocket trip as his 'daughter'. Frank (the author) is truly a genius to come up with this fantastic idea! :) This paragraph is written by me by the way, not copied :P

Before signing off, I'd like my readers or anyone who stumbles upon this blog, to challenge me to do something fun! A survey or whatever! A blog challenge, a photo challenge, just anything! I'll do my best to fulfill it. It's been so boring, and I've been watching people do fun challenges, I'd like to give it a go. So suggest anything below in the comment space or email to:

Thank you for reading!

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