Sunday, July 31, 2011


What's your favorite candy?

Mine has to be the LOLLIPOPS.

I love chewing or bubble gums too, but I hate how they lose their taste after awhile, it irritates me!

I think marshmallows are cute, they have a nice soft texture, and I love how they look like little bouncy blocks but I don't really like how they taste. Sorry Marshmallow-fans :P However I do love IU's Marshmallow! ^^ She's an excellent korean pop singer by the way :)

I love cotton candy too! But it's practically made of sugar sugar sugar which is the main ingredient of candies that spoil us, but we human being stubborn just can't stop our love for candy, no? :P I used to think cotton candy were made out of magic dust that would be poured in to the spinning machine thing and *pop* comes out a Cotton Candy, the magic cloud candy on a stick.

But nothing beats Lollipops for me :)
I like licking them till the coloring on them gets stuck on my tongue, which I, very childishly, find it very very fascinating. I like taking pictures of my colored tongue (I don't want to post them here, it would be disgusting and embarrassing :P). I love the sight of my tongue being magically BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, or the colors of the rainbow! :P
me! :P at the Sun n Surf Cafe, kissing a jar or wonderful lollipops :)

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  1. haha you're just as sweet as those candies, hon. x) yess im a big cotton candy lover. x) mmmm, now you're making me crave some! >.~ yes we can all feel young again when we look to these kinda treats. :P heehee now i know you have a sweet tooth, you're the lollipop sucker/bubble gum blower x) ~~


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