Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking Through The Lenses of the Camera: Part 2!

Part 2 of my camera journal! :) so yes, this is going to be a picture spam post :)

I call this CHRISTMAS :)

Picture 1: I love this view! No it's not exactly breathtaking, but it's the night view of Bangkok City from my hotel. This was during Christmas, back in 2009. I love going to Bangkok, it's like my second home. What do I do there? Shopping! I recommend Bangkok as a awesome shopping destination!

Picture 2: Part two of the night view.Some of the buildings put up special lights at night that looks very nice. There was even a building (not in the picture) that had a electric light banner thingy that wished everyone in the city "Merry Christmas", I loved that!

Picture 3: Central World Plaza! See the TALL Christmas tree there? The plaza always put up Christmas trees everywhere every Christmas. This was the tallest. My dad took this picture from the Skywalk Bridge that links the shopping mall to the train station, very convenient!

Picture 4: This was taken inside the mall, I love the huge soldier :D At night there was a band dressed up as soldiers marching by playing Christmas carols with huge trumpets and drums
making the shoppers smile.

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