Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking Back Through The Lenses of the Camera: Part 1

Hey guys!

So i posted quite a long update yesterday. I'm just gonna make a simple photo spam today. I've been looking through pictures my dad took with my camera during occasions from last year, 2010.
It's a very random post full of random pictures by the way :P
I hope you enjoy reading.

15th April, 2010
Location: Home

I can't really confirm that these pictures are REALLY from 15th April but I have a strong feeling I'm right!

Picture 1: A close-up on Rachel's (my older sister) birthday cake, or cupcake :) cute right? It's homemade and low-fat. My mom is a baking genius :D

Picture 2: The rest of the cupcakes :)

Picture 3: Rachel with her big braces smile. She saw me posting this picture but thank God she didn't kill me. She must've been quite happy with this picture :P
Location: Clear Water Sanctuary @ Ipoh, Perak.
I can't state the date because I can't remember when this was but it must've be somewhere in JUNE.
Apologizing for my blurness :P

Picture 1: Isn't the view lovely? Well you can't exactly see it clearly from this pic. But this is the view of the lake from my chalet's balcony. It always gives me an enchanting feeling :p That's my lovely Grandma smiling and posing for the camera during lunch time. Next to her is my dear Grandfather looking at another camera :P My dad, my uncle and my sister were like paparazzis snapping pictures of my grandparents!

Picture 2: Ahh now you can see the view clearer here! It's beautiful but it looks better when you're really there :p Grandparents enjoying fresh air while eating yummy Japanese Curry Raisu (rice :P)

Picture 3: That was my hand pointing at my sister :P She looks puny from here. I love my nails :P

That's not the end, will post more pictures in the following posts to come :)




  1. aww i love these pics :D keep on spamming! x)

  2. That cupcake looks sooo yummy! hahah your sister must've been so happy when the photo was being taken! Im glad she wasn't mad at you either!


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