Sunday, July 17, 2011


Next video post! Introducing 2NE1's I am the Best!

My thoughts? I don't like it, sad to say. 2NE1 always has their style of music and clothing and I'm not a big fan of it. I think their music are getting a little boring with too much rapping and a continuous dull tune. I liked I Don't Care, there was more singing back to their debut days. I also liked Go Away which was out last year. Nowadays, their songs seems to get more boring-er as they get louder. Confusing, I know.

Their fashion? I find it a little weird, but that's their own unique style which make them different. I like the fact that they always have outrageous hairstyles which they all still look good in. Their clothing however can be a little weird to me :( They've got giant accesories all around their jackets and so on. In this MV, CL is wearing this big metal thing on her shoulder, makes me wonder "isn't that heavy?". Made me feel like its a Terminator concept or something :P

The tune is basically very Bollywood-y or Arabic, hahaha, which I find odd.
That's about it, what I think about their new song.
If you're a kpop fan too and you've got your own opinions, feel free to comment :)

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  1. I just watched a bit of this video and I personally don't like it too. I don't mind the fashion so much but it's the music I don't like, I feel like it's too hollywood mainstream? I agree that there's too much rapping and weird techno noises lol


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