Monday, July 11, 2011

I Always Return :)

I'm back! I'm FINALLY back. Back from 4 days of hospital treatment. I am EXHAUSTED! For those who are my close friends or have been reading my blog since it was started, you might know that I have pancreatitis (being straightforward :P) but all is well now. I am healed! :) I just recovered from my 100th (exaggerated) attack of pancreatitis.

What is pancreatitis, you may ask?

Google search it :P

I went through MRI scans which is extremely tiring and NOT RECOMMENDED for claustrophobic peeps like ME. I almost died in there :P And I went through ultrasound scannings but thanks God! I am fine now :) Feeling great now in fact. Oookayy, a little woozy and tired after fasting for 3 days :P

Wanna say thank you to friends and famillies who has wished me Get Well Soon and thank you so much for your prayers. God has answered them :)

More blogposts coming up! Will do a Sephora haul post. But that will be after I snap enough pics :)

One more thing!! I just wanna mention about my blogpal Suki and her first 100 followers giveaway. You MUST visit her blog, she has amazing posts about make-up, trips to teahouses, and more amazing stuff. Her OOTDs are great ;D Here's her page link:

And don't forget to check out her new giveaway. I posted about it on my sidebar so be sure to click on it ;)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. fuyoh, that is not an easy process to go through. am glad that everyone's support has made things a lil better. heehee i wanna be the ray of sunshine in ur gloomy days (well, maybe im not but i do ya close to my prayers ^^) glad that cha bloggin again ;D


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