Friday, March 19, 2010

Bye bye Sam n Grace T_T

Wassup people! :)

You know how things always have a beginning and an end, now I hate the end. It feels like just yesterday I posted something on my blog saying that my cousins are coming. Now they're gone :(. I had a great time though. Well, Sam was mostly on the comp all the time. Pet Society craze. He talked me into buying him a piano that costs 2,200 which is alot if you're playing pet society. I decided what the heck? He's going to HK soon..I should give him a farewell yeah. But I made it clear that that was the last gift I was going to give him. Sam had moodswings..he gets offended easily but he is just ADORABLE ^^. Very sensitive boy. And Grace, my twin, was a fun gal to play with. She brought her brand new body shop make up along and she made me up like a pro. She is a pro! Boy, I miss her. She told me lots of funny stories about Sam. Those two are simply fun and cute. I miss them and I love them. I wish they were here. Its so boring now that all the fun is gone. Nothing to do...exhausted. Just hoping that time will fly super fast so that I can meet up with them again.

That was briefly a sypnosis of my week with Grace n Sam Toi

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