Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Shopping?!

Hello people!

   Yesterday I had a little 'date' with 2 cutie-pie girlfriends: Celina and ShiQing :3 It was nice getting out of the house for a while (I have been cooped up in the house since I got back from my HK Disneyland trip!) and hanging out with my friends which I haven't done for a long time.

Shi Qing (check out her blog: and I went makeup shopping at Sephora which was extremely fun, it was nice going makeup shopping with a friend who was interested in makeup. If you're reading this Shi Qing, we need to go makeup shopping more often galfwen!

The three of us watched a movie (the famous Perks of Being a Wallflower, no I haven't read the book) which wasn't very entertaining. It's probably a good movie to many people online but I dunno, I felt that the movie was pretty confusing and boring at the same time. Let's just put it this way, it is not the kind of movie I fancy. I think all three of us didn't fancy it much :P

Leave me a comment on your thoughts of the movie and book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower if you've seen or read it :)

After the dull movie, my older sister (who was also on a date with her bestie in the same mall) called me up to meet her at a store. And she passed me my early Christmas gift. Oh why, that made my day! My first Christmas gift! How delightful :P  I looove presents <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

My older sister went over to Red Eye which is a Korean accessory store/brand thingy I believe :P The little cardboard bag was pretty neat. There's sorta like a pop-up silhouette of a girl on both sides.

Opening and closing the cardboard bag was a bit tough, complicated packaging alert! After opening the bag I struggled to close it back, frustrated, I handed it to my girlfriend Celina to figure out how to close this dang bag! ;D She's good with her hands :P

What do you get at an Accessory store? Accessories why of course! My sister got me two hair accessories and a pair of adorably cool earrings. Come to think of it, I have been getting lots and lots of hair accessories lately :P
1) It looks like a giant pink color pencil but it's actually a hair stick! I used to put up my hair with chopsticks but now I have a cool hair stick to use instead :)
2) These frog earrings are real nifty! Their bodies can swing or dangle from side to side, cool beans!
3) My sister included a vintage hair-tie, can never get enough of vintage stuff! I'm so glad my sister got this for me, it's a loose coral ribbon with white polka dots on it. I tried it on and the band seems a bit to tight but I think it'll loosen up after using it a few times more :) 

Thank you sista for these lovely Christmas gifts! :)

After handing me my Christmas gift I felt like a Christmas angel hit me with a Christmas-Present shopping arrow :p I wanted to get her a Christmas present on the same day! I went finding her present right away. Here's what I got for her :)

I tried shopping at a store that gives out cool bags, tried my best to find one as good as my sister's but unfortunately I failed :( I went to Typo (the coolest stationery store filled with vintage items!) I ended up having to go with this newspaper themed plastic bag which I think is good enough, pretty vintage I suppose :P
Gift No.1
1) A raccoon 2013 wall calendar from Typo. I actually got my sister the same Raccoon notebook for her birthday this year. Now she has matching pair of a Raccoon calendar and notebook! :) This Raccoon now reminds me of my sister whenever I look at it. I think my sister needs a good calendar to sort out and organize her days as she is going to college next year :)
2) How it looks like inside.
3) There are different posters or pictures inside the calendar, the designs are so cute and pretty!

Gift No.2

1) This seems odd for a Christmas gift, but honestly I bought it because I really really wanted it for myself! I love MUSTACHES (hence the new blog theme and layout, like it?) , I think there's nothing more vintage than mustaches (well there are but Mustaches just represent 'vintage' for me for some reason)! There are 6 different mustaches inside the box and they're the stick-on kind. It was screaming "You gotta have me, Elise! YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE ME!" and true enough, I just gotta had it :P It was on sale too. I don't think my sister's gonna use this a lot, I told her it's partly mine too :p I gained some ownership.
2) The types of Mustaches. My favorite is the 'Traditional Gent', the classic. The 'Abra-Kadabra' should be a fun one ;D Who am I kidding? They're all fun!
Comment what's your favorite kind of Mustache!

3) The Mustaches are packed in plastic packets, the one shown in the picture is the 'Italian Plumber' I believe. They're so cool! Feeling the mustaches from the outside of the plastic, they feel soft and fluffy or hairy. When my sister or I use it, I'll definitely put it up on my blog ;)

Gift No.3
Bear Ears! I thought I should get her something girly and something that she can accessorize her hair with so I stopped by a mini stall (I didn't get the name of the stall, at least I don't think the store has a name :P) selling earrings, necklaces, bows and ribbons, and hairbands from Korea. Another Korean accessory store, sweet! FYI, this isn't the same place where my sister got my Christmas gift from. These adorable and in-trend Bear Ears headband caught my eye and I immediately thought "Yes! I found the cutest gift!". My sister Instagrammed a selfie of herself (selfie of herself? whuuut.) wearing the headband. 

Presents for my sister wasn't the only thing I got. My dear Shi Qing and I went over to Sephora to look around and we found the NYX section! I rarely shop at Sephora (in fact this is my second time only) so I completely didn't know they sell NYX products! We went crazy, well at least I did :P I'm a Sephora member as well! At first I was reluctant to become a member when the cashier invited me to become a member since I don't shop at Sephora very often. But since the membership is free I thought, what the heck, let's do it! So now I am officially a Sephora member, guess I'll have to visit Sephora more often now :P Here's what I got:

1) I got the 'Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner' for RM30. Washing all my makeup brushes is a pretty long process so I thought I'd cut me some slack and try out this Makeup brush cleaner spray. This spray (reading the description on the back of the bottle :p) contains an anti-bacterial agent. A daily brush cleaner with an anti-bacterial agent designed to quickly remove the light traces of makeup between applications. The directions are plain easy-peasy which is why I bought this and what I love about this, all I have to do is spray the cleaner over the bristles and let it air-dry, there's no need for rinsing!

2) My very first NYX blush! I was contemplating whether to get this shade, Dusty Rose, or another one, Mocha. But in the end I chose Dusty Rose. I like it's name. I've seen YouTube beauty gurus talk about this before. I'm very excited about this, can't wait to use it!

It feels very smooth and velvety, I like its texture and it's pigmentation. It turned out to be much lighter and pinker when I swatched it. I think this will give me a nice pink flush on my cheeks :)

I got myself a pair of Bear ears as well, mine's brown though, I picked out a purple one for my sister. I kinda regret I didn't choose one with a lighter color, maybe I should stop by the stall next time and get myself another pair! ;) I've got Minnie Mouse ears, and now I've got bear ears! I see a new collection coming up: cool and cute headbands! I'll keep an eye out for more cool headbands :)

 Couldn't end the day without taking a picture with my girlfriends! Thanks for hanging out with me you guys, I had a blast! Although the movie was not entertaining whatsoever, you guys gave me entertainment and a lot of fun! Love 'yall <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
The fondue Celina and Shi Qing ordered from Baskin Robbins.! NO cheese :( I believe this was the hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce kinda fondue.

That was it for my day out with my girlfriends and my mini pre-Christmas shopping haul! I'll be doing more shopping in the days to come as Christmas draws near. I'll be in full Christmas mood this year going out to buy gifts for families and friends. Oh! I almost forgot. I gave my blog a new look, cleaned up a bit because for some reason; my old blog theme and layout just wasn't doing anything for me and I felt like my blog looked a bit messy. So I've dressed my blog up a bit, I hope you like it :)  I hope you readers out there will have a blast shopping for Christmas gifts as well! :)

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  1. Your hauls and early Christmas gifts are so fun. How thoughtful you and your sister exchanged early Christmas gifts, i have never thought about that but it is a great idea. You girls are so cute, make me look and feel extra old..ha.

  2. I started doing my Christmas shopping in November! I like to be a little prepared lol although I'll admit I've not gotten anything for my sister yet (she has everything already anyway!) and feel bit guilty now that she's already given me two Xmas pressies!

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a movie I wanted to but haven't yet watched! Mainly because its got Emma Watson in who was in Harry Potter and I'd like to see how she does in this role. It sounds like one of those typical teen movies though which I'm not particularly excited about and now that you've said its boring... well!

    BTW, I also love racoons they're so friggin' cute!

  3. Hey girly! Of course I remember you - it's been awhile :)
    These are great gifts! They give me some ideas too. The bear ears are adorable <3

    I thought the perks of being a wallflower was an ok movie. I mainly saw it for emma watson and logan lerman ;) The ending was definitely unexpected...

    Happy holidays!

  4. You two got each other great gifts! I really love that calendar and bear ears you got your sister and the vintage hair tie your sister got you! I love how sephora has a free membership, if you spend enough you can become a "vib" there lol I'm a vib and it makes me sad knowing I spend so much money there, ugh! Oh yes, I bought two tarte blushes and really like them!

  5. Hey Lizzie love ! You look so cute on these pics :) as always !!

    Alright, I'm stopping by to wish you a very happy new year, filled with lots of love, Disney films and yummy foods !!! :) I love watching you on Instagram, I feel a bit of a stalker that way but I'm glad I can keep up with you even when I don't have time to come over to your blog :) hehe. Lots of good stuffs for you and your family !!!

    xxx Vee

  6. lol the mustaches is so cool xD

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