Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Challenge Day 11

Yes, today's international greeting is English! :D

Today I'm back on my blog to complete today's challenge! Today shall be Day 11!

The Topic is....
What's in Your Makeup Bag?

I don't normally bring my make-up bag wherever or whenever I go out (mainly because I don't wear make-up outside very often) but I do carry one when I'm on vacation :) I bring the basic stuff such as:

1) My Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream
2) Natural Collection's Duo Eyeshadow in Cocoa/Strawberry
I bring along this particular eyeshadow because I find that the colors are very convenient and natural. When I do wear make-up outside, I usually stick to natural shades.
3) Etude House Miss Tangerine Lip Tint
I like wearing lip tints more than lipsticks or lipglosses for some reason. And I love the mild orangey-reddish shade it gives to my lips, it doesn't LOOK so striking which is good because I don't like my lips to look so striking and bright.
4) Garnier Skin Naturals in Beige
I'm currently using Garnier's compact powder, so far I have no problems with it.
5) Silky Girl Double Intense Gel Liner in Pure Black
I'm happy with this gel liner, the applicator is useful and it glides on very well.

So, what's in YOUR make-up bag? Share in the comments! :D


  1. haha someone like yourself is already pweettay without make up~ ^^ I for one don't like wearing make up >:( my face just feels soo...ughh with make up on~ I'm not allergic or anything but it just makes my face sho sho uncomfortable. Haha I like what u got inside your make up bag :3 I hate it when girls put on heavy make up~ really hurts my eyes sometimes >.~ you're sucha good example :3 they should follow u~ :3 Keeping it simple is the best~ (Y)

  2. Heyaaaa Lizzie !!
    Sorry that I've been long to come visit you again !!
    I personally don't have a makeup bag and I just have some lipbalm and my lip colour of the day in my bag =)

    xxx Vee

  3. U've got an amazing blog, love it, i follow u, would u like follow each other :) ?


    I have tagged you on a chain tag, hopefully you'd find the time to answer the questions, it'll be fun:


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