Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 8: Forever & Always and Versatile Blog Award

Hey guys!

Today is Day 8 of my blog challenge and the topic is... 'A Song to Match Your Mood'. Hmm, at this very moment I'm feeling a little sad because I just recalled someone who was and is someone very special to me. We were close but not anymore. We intended to stay close for 'forever & always" and sadly, we failed to do so.

I've found the perfect and I do mean PERFECT song to match my mood, it is none other than Taylor Swift's 'Forever and Always'.

I relate to this song so well! And every lyric matches so well with what's going in my head whenever I think about this precious someone (in a lot of times) and how I feel right now. One thing about Taylor Swift's songs, which is a very famous feature about all her songs, is that you can really relate to it. For me, this hit the spot. Even the title is perfect to how I feel.
Just by reading the lyrics you'll know exactly how I would interpret it. I was so surprised how much I really related to this song :)

Yay! I just received a blog award, from one of my followers, Gabby. You have to check her blog out (click 'blog' and it'll take you directly to her blog) She is the pretty author of her beauty blog Gabby's Beauty Basics. Definitely check it out if you're interested in beauty and fashion :)
"Thank you for the award, Gabby!"
The 3 things to be completed when you receive this award are...

1) Thank the person that gave you this award
(thank you Gabby [again!])

2) Share 7 random facts about yourself

3) Pass the award on to 7 of your favourite bloggers

7 random facts about myself:

- I carry a comb everywhere I go
- I am obsessed with anything vintage
- I must sleep with a blanket, I feel insecure without it
- I hate bland food, especially plain white porridge
- My nose itches like mad whenever there's a dog around
- I don't like painting my toe nails
- I like to doodle on my hand

Seven of my favorite bloggers:

Vee's Randomness
Hello Bunni
Peiyinn's Stop
Sesame Kiss
Tales of My Everyday Life Adventures

So I have completed all 3 thanks. Once again, thank you so much Gabby for this award. I shall be back tomorrow to write my Day 9 blog challenge and post my Part 1 of my Bangkok Haul :)
Have a great day!


  1. Aw deary, I think I've got a clue to who's the person you're talking about here. "Forever and always." those words are all too overrated. too much. too..impossibly possible. :S No one should throw these few words filled with deep meanings beyond their own understandings. I've been told that too. That person lied big time. Someone should SHOW us they'll be there forever and always instead of saying it. :/

    1. Haha, I'm sure you do know who I'm talking about :) I guess it's a very common thing to say, a very common thing that doesn't mean the truth. The only person who showed us 'Forever and Always' is Jesus. I wished someone on Earth would show us too, but I guess it's tough to stay 'Forever and Always', so people shouldn't say it so easily...


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