Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2011 December Haul

Hey guys!

It's the second day of 2012, can you believe it? I'd like to wish everyone on Blogger a Happy Happy New Year! :D I hope to blog more this year and perhaps...get more followers? :P heh heh.

Anyway, I'm going to share the stuff I got from last Christmas! I bought most of them and won half of them :P Let me just say that there will be quite a lot of pictures as you scroll down ;) I warned you :) But then again, I love pictures! Enjoy!=)

First off, my Random Eyes Boutique Giveaway prizes have arrived! :)
*I apologize, the photos came out vertically :P not all of them, don't worry :)*
The prizes were packed in these adorable little black bags. I love how the boutique packed it!
The Random Eye Boutique Tag :D
First bag, as you can see, it's so tiny and cute ^^
My earrings! I chose the Hershey Chocolate Bar earrings! Looks exactly like the one in the picture from the website. I like how the sizes are big and not puny :D

Do you notice the googly eyes? Every Random Eye product has a pair of googly eyes on them, how awesome is that? :P

Second mini bag, my necklace :) I chose the Nestle Crunch Chocolate Bar necklace.

Up close at my Crunch necklace. I love it! :) I'm really glad I chose this design, it's different and cute. Chocolate bars are amazing, I suggest you pick up this necklace if you ever visit Random Eyes Boutique.

Secondly, I'd like to show you the stuff I got online. I shop online very often and since it was the holidays, I was allowed to do so. Found so many adorable items that I wanted online but being the sometimes thrifty girl I am, I got only few items. I did spend quite alot though, the prices are definitely not cheap! Plus shipping and everything but it's definitely a fun experience for me :) I do like shopping online :)

The first item I got online was from MiniBites Accessories, an online store selling adorable mini accessories such as earrings, rings and necklaces. I bought the most adorable item (in my opinion) on the online store, the Macarons in Paris necklace in Strawberry flavor (the colors are named by their flavors >_>) And my sister and I was shocked when we received it because the size of the macaron was very small compared to the picture we saw on the website >_> I guess it was our fault for not checking with the seller :/
By the way, one necklace costs RM25 which I think, is very expensive, for a mini mini mini necklace.
Let me just tell you if you're interested in buying, their products are really MINI, literally.

Here is how the necklace looked like.
Oh drats. The chain got tangled the second I pulled it out of the plastic @.@

I guess it doesn't look that small up close .__. Guys, lesson learned, check with the seller about little details before buying. Looks can be deceiving :P
Walah! My puny cute macaron necklace.

2nd item that I got online were K-Pop items :D A couple of posts before, I showed a sneak-peek of my SNSD The Boy's album. And here it is! :D
Open Sesame!
Other than the CD, here's what's in the box. Our seller gave us free Mr Simple (only Sung Min, Kyu Hyun, and Ryeowook >_>) and f(x) photo cards.

Ryeo-Wook! He has a strong and unique voice but I'm not a big fan :/

Cho Kyu-Hyun ssi :D (If you're reading, Wi, looooook! Your favorite! :P)

F(x) cards :)

Look at Krystal's makeup O.O

The lyrics book, I think .__. This booklet tells all the information about every song in the album.

My favorite album extra are the photo cards! :) In this mini section, there are cards with individual members on them and a little message from each member.

My favorite is the one with all 9 members in beautiful gowns :)
This album is expensive but definitely worth it because it came with 2 free posters and all these extra photo booklets and stuff. There's also a random member card in every album. I got the Sunny card which I did not take a picture of, sorry! I also didn't take pictures of the 2 posters that came with the album but I will post pics of it when I put it up on my bedroom wall :) I got the album for a cheaper price on eBay, if you're interested in getting one just let me know, I'll send you the info on where I got it.

I also bought an IU poster from the same website I got the SNSD album. I think it's the cover of IU's Real album. It's super gorgeous, I'm glad I bought it. I'm a huge fan of IU, thinking of getting her new album, Last Fantasy, poster but then again maybe I should stop spending for awhile :P
Finally put it up on my bedroom's door. Happy! Now I've just got to put up the SNSD The Boys poster, I'll make sure I show 'yall when I'm done putting it up :)

Next, this is a forgotten blog post, I was suppose to show 'yall the prizes that I won from the Picture Polish Giveaway months ago! It was delayed for such a long time I completely forgotten about it. Well, lemme show you them! I'm in love with these Picture POlish nailpolishes, they're simply awesome, the shades are gorgeous and the quality is great!
P.S I chose Berry Nice, Marine and Coral Reef. I was glad that I chose Berry Nice, I've been looking out for plumish purple kind of shades lately, but the best is still Berry Nice.
Thought I should show you guys how they look like on me nails :) Sorry for my messy application, I'm not a pro when it comes to painting my nails neatly, it's one of the things I'm not good at!
UGGH, messy nails :P I gave Coral Reef to my older sister as her birthday present last year, she chose out the color. It's pretty but I prefer my dark and unique colors, I use to wear mostly pinkish and reddish shades alot back when I was young so I'm in for a change as I grow up :)
Moving on to the items that I bought during my holiday trips...this is the only little item I got from Penang. I got this cute ribbon earrings at a flea market at Straits Quay for RM8. Don't you think it's adorable? :) Sorry for the bad lighting in the picture. It was the only item I got because I was sick the next few days of my trip! >.< it was horrible being sick on your vacation. I had viral fever and diarrhea, trust me, it's miserable. I suspect that I got the viral bug from some Philippine dude on the airplane who farted (I almost died when I inhaled the poison gas) :P It was just terrible, the whole trip was ruined!

But at least I got such a pretty little thing out of the trip :)
I have reached the end of my December haul!
Sorry it's so long! The next blogpost will be an Etude House haul :D I wanted to combine it with this post but I bought the Etude House in 2012 :p so, I will be doing it in a separate post.

LASTLY! I shall reveal my haircut :)



My hair is now shoulder-length and layered. I didn't plan to have it this short, honestly, but it's not that short till I can't tie my hair up. I'm just glad I can still do up a high bun :) Excuse-me for my blemishes on my face :P I have been breaking out alot!

I got my hair cut at a salon behind my house. The person who my Mom booked to do our hair was on leave which was so ==" So nevermind, we asked the other two free employees who claimed they were professional to do our hair instead. Personally, I was very mad at their service, they didn't treat us very well. They were very snobbish and service wise, very unprofessional. But they still did a not-too-bad job on my hair. But will I be going back for a trim? NO. Why? Because they need to treat their customers equally with a smile not a snicker >_> I'll come back when you have better service, boys!

Let me know if you're living in K.L and know a good hair salon ;)

Well, I'm getting nervous as I have to get back to school, and I'll be attending a new school! So I'm very very nervous. Any advice on how to be less nervous?COMMENT PLEASE :P
Till my next post, see you guys :D


  1. I love the Eifle tower necklace. And those nail polish colors look fantastic =D

    And don't be too nervous about the new school. You seem like a friendly, sweet girl. You'll make lots of friends XD

    Hope you've had a great start to 2012 too!

  2. I love the white bow earrings & that coral polish shade is so pretty.

    Awh. You shouldn't feel too nervous. My younger sister is going to be switching from a private school to a public for high school. I just told her to be herself, don't try to hard to fit in, & surround herself with positive ppl, etc. You'll make new great long lasting friends. Just never forget to be true to yourself & all things will come to you naturally.

    Nice haircut too. You cut off a lot more than I expected.

    Hope the new year went well for you. :)

  3. HEY LIZZIE! Another KPOP fan? hahaha
    Great haul! :D
    And sure I would love to follow!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Of course I'll follow you!:)

  5. Wow! You got a lot of awesome thing!These prizes are so cute!You got a cute hairstyle. Nice hair cut! Happy New Year. :)

  6. haha cute jewellery ^__^
    and LOVE the necklace, cute macaroon and Eiffel tower :D

    nice hair cut! really suits you !!

    J <3

  7. YOU SO CUTE LEH! WHY LA YOU?! heehee i think your hairstyle makes you look kinda tomboy too ;P i know i know, you're a city gal but this makes you looks fresh~ me likey! or should i say me lovey! xDD whoa those awesome prizes are a ray of sunshine isn't it? ;) I love the ribbon earrings :3 its adorable and so is everything else :3

  8. Aw I think your new hair style really fits you! I would never dare to cut my hair short >.< but it looks super cute on you, luckyy! I really love the nail polish and jewelry you got!

  9. This new hair style is great !! You look like a dool =) and I LOVE these gogle eyed jewels =D haha they're so crazy !!!!
    Sorry I havent been blogging for ages darling ! I'm quite back into it now =) I'm gonna keep on leaving you more comments =D hehe !!!

    I hope you've been good and 2012 starts good =)

    xxx Vee


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