Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 is Near

Hey gals!

I am so sorry I haven't blog in AGES. Last post was posted on December 13th and today is already December 30th!! Can you believe it? We're entering 2012!! It's been tough this year for me, with all my struggling between school work and my health, it's been the craziest year but I'd like to thank my followers for continuing to read my posts and post encouraging and lovely comments on my blog :D My blog and my awesome followers have really made me happier this year :) I LOVE YOU GUYS :)

I was away this Christmas, that is why I didn't post anything on my blog. This Christmas was unfortunately dull, there was no fancy Christmas dinner with the family this year, just a very short meet-up at a restaurant for dinner. Not many gifts either, I was feeling very disappointed at first but then I realized I have received the greatest gift of all and that was Jesus. At about this time of the year, I celebrate my Lovely Gift who came down to Earth to give me eternal life, and that was all I really needed :)

So in conclusion, it was a very simple Christmas this year :) How was yours?

I have a lot to write and update you guys! Did you know I cut my hair? HAHA, yes! I will reveal how I look in my new hairstyle and my Christmas goodies next! SO SORRY I KEEP DELAYING!! But my camera's lense is stuck so I need to get it fixed ><

Have a great day!
Don't forget to tell me about our Christmas :)

pics are from Tumblr.


  1. One more day till 2012! I hope I have a better year. Hectic December I have.Rushing so much. I didn't celebrate my Christmas as I need to work on that day.
    Happy New Year to you and everyone! :)

  2. Welcome Back. :P

    I had a good Christmas. I didn't get any gifts except from myself, hehe.

    I can't wait to see your haircut. :)

  3. Great post lovely :-) My Christmas was very quiet although got some lovely thoughtful bits and pieces. I think as you get older, Christmas becomes less about the gifts and more about spending time with your loved ones! However, as you have seen on my blog, I did do some excellent sales shopping! Happy new year and I look forward to more great posts from you in 2012 :-) xxxx

  4. I love that pic of Swift. :) and I love the last pic too..2012, surprise me! (Y) yes its been quite a crazy year right? I feel like everyone has an equal amount of struggle, just different situations. This year has made me question allot of things. I'm ending 2011 with allot of question marks and I hope to find answers on the following days when the clock strikes 12:00am! I'm not entering the year very positive. Its not the bad things that could possibly happen on this new year thats scaring me, its the mystery of will there be any good things in store for me in 2012 thats keeping me nervous. I'm hoping something amazingly epic will happen. I cant point out what i want specifically I just hope the year is full of meaningful memories to come y'know. Haha Christmas wasn't over the top fancy for me either. But the meaning of that day is what matters. <3


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