Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Working On My Smile

Hello again Bloggers :D

Back for another update post! Wonder what I've been up to during the holidays? Just a bunch of lazy stuff :P Another thing I have been working on is my SMILE :D

I'm not a very good smiler :P My cheeks become stiff and I pull out a rigid and awkward smile whenever I'm in front of the camera. But very weirdly, I'm more comfortable when I'm taking pictures of myself in a quiet corner. It must be because I'm just simply shy in public, I'm a very very shy and reserved kid.

So I locked myself in the toilet and started smiling in front of the camera. Practice makes perfect :) Here are the shots!
P.S The quality of the pictures aren't very good because they were taken from my iTouch camera. My camera is spoilt T_T Took a lot of time editing it so this post was delayed! :P

Wasn't aware this was taken :P P.S If you're wondering what the Nail Polish I'm wearing is, it's Picture Polish's Berry Nice. I absolutely love the color!
This was how I used to smile when I was little! So goofy :P
Quite happy with these 2 shots, I think it's more natural compared to my stiff awkward smile I always pull when in public.
Getting a little grumpy because I realized I take many good pictures with when I self-cam a.k.a camwhore. I wish I was more natural and comfortable in public!
Peace be with you! :D My peace sign automatically shoots up whenever I take pictures of myself. I guess I always try to copy those Korean Idols with flawless and cute selcas.
See? They V-sign too :DD
Practicing again. My mom (she's probably reading this) always tell me to flash my teeth whenever I smile. Because since young, I don't smile showing my teeth, my most natural pictures are when my Mother tickle me causing me to laugh, so the picture is captured with my mouth opened wide :DD If she didn't tickle me, my teeth smile would be like the second picture shown above :p Nowadays I try to naturally show my teeth while smiling. My mom has the
sweetest smile :)

2nd Day of SMILE Project! I brought Pooh along (to pose with me) :P It helps sometimes when I have something to pose with :P
Whatcha doing, Pooh?
I like this picture a lot because I managed to keep Pooh balancing on my head :P And my fringe looks GOOOOD :p My smile ain't that bad, right? :)
Random pic :P

My photo session was quite good :) I think I managed to get some good pics. But the picture I love the most and I am most satisfied with is...

YEAP :) I LOVE this picture. I wasn't actually ready to take this picture but I clicked SNAP and ta-da! Came out really pretty to me. If you follow me on Twitter then you would recognize this picture :)

WELL, that's the end of my photo practicing. Do you have any tips for picture taking? What's your secret in making a good picture? :) SHARE! :)

Sorry this post took so long to write. I'm quite lazy :P
But I think I'll do a quick online shopping haul post next time. Here's a little sneak peek picture:
Oh yeahh! My Girls Generation The Boy's album has arrived! :)
Will talk about it...next time :)

Love you lots!
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  1. Hi! Thank you for your comment :-) your blog is lovely! I am a follower! The oictures look great. I never smile in photos but will try to! X


  2. Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog :) I'm a new follower! :D I'm the same with photos, if someone else is taking them I get worried - and I can't smile naturally. I love taking mine right by windows so they look really bright and happy! haha xxx

  3. awww goodness! Have u ever considered modelling? I'm dead serious! YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS TO THE MAX IN THESE PICS! y'know you'd make a goooood model for cover girl or something xD Oh gosh, I'm not use to this! :O jie jie you're sooo beautiful! you really do look much mature in these pics. But still, you have not lost that youthful glow though! (Y) Just when I thought u can't be any prettier BAM you prove me wrong :') awww my Elise is becoming more breath taking by the second! WOW. I'm still amazed. Btw I love those glasses u were wearing in that pic! bottom line is...YER LOOKIN HOT HOT HOT X) kehkehkeh. I can go on and on about this. :) I don't think u need any tips! YOU SHOULD BE GIVING ME TIPS! :P imma try to update my blog soon.


  4. Great post i love it!


  5. you have a very beautiful smile!!! I look weird and constipated on most of smiling pics >.<

  6. lol! this post made me smile XD

    i think just being natural is best when smiling for camera<3 just be happy! and smile BIGGG :)))))


  7. aww your smile is super cute! embrace it :)
    And yooo so jealous of your SNSD album! Tell me how you like it!

  8. lizzie louuuu !!! I missed your blog so much =) I'm finaly back in London, back to 5 days at work and back to annoy you with my long comments =D mwahahahaa !!!!! so evil.

    Anywayz. As you might have noticed, I am SO unconfortable taking pics of my face, because when I smile my eyes don't smile with my mouth !!! If you know what I mean. I always look super awkward and it's stressing me out !
    I think I'm gonna do just like you and take lots of pics until I'm satisfied with my smile =D héhé !!! The last pic with Pooh is SO cute =D you totally look like these Korean idols =) huhu. No joke! !!!

    Hope you had a good Xmas (if you celebrate it!)

    xxx Vee


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