Monday, August 1, 2011

Looking Through The Lenses of the Camera: Part 3

Part 3 of my series of Looking Through The Lenses of the Camera! :)

Some time during Christmas last year (2010)
Location: HK Disneyland
Title: The Last Day of Magic

Picture 1: Oh no! It's kind of blur here. Sorry for the blurness, shaky hands :P This was the elegant Christmas Tree sitting in the lobby of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. It made the whole room filled with the Christmas spirit.

Picture 2: Another blur picture, sorry! The beautiful sight of Sleeping Beauty's Castle (in Hong Kong, it's Sleeping Beauty's castle. I heard in America, it's suppose to be Cinderella's Castle) It was Christmas so they hung beautiful blue lights all over it. It lit the dark sky. It was sort of sentimental as we took one last look at the famous castle. It was our last night so it was sentimental, I'm weird like that :P

Picture 3: Dinner time! We ate before we went back to the theme park for our final Firework show. This is the picture of the kid's meal. My older sister and cousins (Grace and Samuel) ordered the kids meal (xD you can actually do that even if you aren't a kid). The mickey mouse shaped Mango pudding was the highlight of the whole thing, yum yum!

Picture 4: Group pic! :D Last dinner of the HK trip. Sniff sniff :'(

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  1. aww hong kong looks magically beautiful. :) mannnn, i wanna goooo!! x(


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