Sunday, August 21, 2011


Okay people! Finally, my Talentime post is finally here!
I have to apologize for my terrible pictures and for the LONG DELAY.
I have no photography skills compared to many talented bloggers.
Just bare with my pictures :)

There was bad lighting since the hall was dark so my pictures didn't turn out good.
This little girl was so cute! She's a talented little lady. She played the violin so well!

This dude is my schoolmate. He has awesome photography skills and another skill I didn't know he had. He played the French Horn! My school and I was wooting and cheering for him :D Sadly he didn't win a prize :( That was too bad 'cos he played well that day.

Benjamin (schoolmate) accompanying French Horn boy (he's name is actually Zhu Yi :P) with the drums.

These kids were adorable! I love their costumes :D They were a little shy at first but I could see that they got comfy in the middle of singing and they sang louder. The girl in the black was a very enthusiastic little singer :P She sang the loudest :)

OH NO! Blur picture. Super sorry :P This flexible talented dancers are my besties, Wei Yew, Wei Peng, and Mildred. It was a graceful sad dance but they had killer gymnastic moves!

I took a video instead, as a memory. I loved their moves. But that wasn't a smart thing to do as it took up space in my camera :/

Mildred, Wei Yew and Wei Peng, before the performance. Praying and waiting anxiously. It was their first time performing :D SADLY, they didn't win either :( it was quite disappointing but they kept their spirits high and enjoyed their time. We were very proud of them! :)

Then we took a short break >< Little Blessed smiling for the camera when he saw me snapping random pictures.

A group of dancing kids! They had killer hip-hop moves :D The little ones were cute :) I think they were called the Dance Friction or something...short term memory loss :P

DEAR Bestie Erica :) With her loooong hair.

Dark pictures invasion! My school principal, Teacher Michael. In charge of the camcorder taping everything.

That's little naughty Justin playing with Erica's hair. I guess he wanted to play the iPhone game too :P

Eugein all nervous while putting on her finger thingy.

Me being funny on the bus while Esther is busy playing games on my iTouch

The results are in! Chamidi and Rupiny, my besties wins a prize! They put up a very lovely traditional performance :) They deserved it!

Eugein won first place!! Congratulations my little Angel :)

After a long day of performances, Esther fell asleep while they were handing out the prizes :P poor girl!
Originally I posted a clip of my Indian gorgeous princesses dancing :) but....I have no idea what is wrong with Blogger, it ain't allowing me to post it! Sorryy
I said I would create a BIG post but this isn't BIG. So sorry, I will blog more since the holidays have come for me, YAYY! :) Did my nails again. More pictures to be posted.



  1. Finally, the long awaited pics! :) These are lovely shots dear, they're very candid and very real. I love them!

    I really love the photo of your friend, Eugein, playing that traditional instrument. She looks so lovely and I looove her pink costume :) So happy your friend won prizes for their performances.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. lovely photos of your friends! you guys are happy people! i love your personality!

    It's a GIRL Thing

  3. Hey ya =) Nice pics, I'm sure you had loads of fun taking it !! These little girls and boys singing must have been so cute *__* hehe !!!

    xxx Vee

  4. Looks like you know a lot of talented people! Best wishes to them all :)


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