Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Update

Oh it's such a gloomy day today :(

Well, this is such a FAIL pic, it doesn't look gloomy here :P But the sky has been pouring since morning.
Went to school and to my horror found out I failed two tests! Uggh, it's back to the drawing board again, I'll have to revise more now :P
It was a very sleepy day at school, everyone was sleeping in their desks!! I was so shocked!
Nothing's ever happened like that at school :P So it was a slumber party at school today ;D

Some kids were sick due to eating too much durian. For some of you who doesn't know what durian is, here's a pic! (Although I doubt anyone won't know what it is. It's famous for being the stinkiest fruit on Earth xD)
I know a lot of people who just HATES durian. Some people puke when they take a whiff of the aroma of the Durian (King of Fruits in Malaysia) but most people in Malaysia and probably some other countries in Asia, loves Durian! Like me! Yes, I am a fan of Durian. But it's full of fat so I don't eat much often. Some people think it's just plan disgusting, but I think not! Do you like Durian? If you ever tasted Durian, tell me your thoughts ;D

I was on Tumblr just a few seconds ago and look what I found! :)
That's the ADORABLE girl in Despicable Me! What's her name again? Was it Margaret or something? Oh wells, totally forgotten :/ That's a real girl in the above pic by the way, doesn't she look exactly like the cartoon? Haha, so uber cute :DD

Gonna soon update more in a few minutes :)
How was your day peeps :)



  1. I wuv durian!!! its a guilty pleasure eating it. x) wanna know a secret? u know how when u eat during its hard to get the smell off your hand. use the durian shell and pour water in it and pour it to your hands. and poof~! MAGIC! :D i haven't tried it before but my brother did, and he says it works! xD aw my Thursday was kinda bittersweet today :P

  2. Esther- High-five Esther! :) Yeah it's really hard to get the smell off my hands, clothes, breath, everything! xD Wow, really? What a cool magic trick, I'll be sure to try it the next time I eat durian :DDD

  3. Heya! Thankyou for following meee! :) Your soo sweet, i think you use as many exclamation marks as me which is awesome! lol :P That little girl is BEYOND adorable!! I dont know if ive ever eaten durian, if i have i dont remember :P

  4. Rachinald- Thank you for following me back! :) Aww, you're so sweet too! ;D Thanks for visiting!! :) I love putting as many exclamation marks I can xD

  5. I saw the picture on Facebook too. She is so adorable! :D

  6. Hey Peiyinn,
    yeah! She's just so adorable, looks exactly like the character in the movie!

  7. i didnt like the taste of durian, i dont know why, it not because of it smell, lol... i just dont like the creamy texture! i have lots of durian also in the Philippines, and one of our province are called Durian City, because they got a huge plantation of durian fruit there where they export in other countries!


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