Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Me and Grace doing the Home Alone thing :PP with our hilarious silly faces. People, we do not look like that in real life!!
(At HK Disneyland waiting for The Firework Show)
Can you spot us in the Big Red Christmas Ornament? :D
(At Pavillion [shopping mall] during Christmas 2010)

My perfect messy bun from back view :) Credits to older sister, Rachel for making the bun and taking the picture! :P

Rachel being a paparazzi 8D She'd make a good one.

A lovely picture of lovely gals from School. Me and bestie Wei Yew in white :) Adorable smiles, don'tcha think?
I know, EWWW. This are the leftovers from a feast fit for a seagull, literally! I was taking a stroll along the beach of Busselton and look what I found on a boulder? A fish's worst nightmare :P

Check out Little Sammy's Crib! Awesome right? He slept over and stole all my soft toys and arranged it very neatly on his bed. He called it the Solar Panel bed because of the 19 (or was it 24? Now that's alot!) pillows along the sides of his bed like solar panels.

Ending today's pic spam is the breathtaking view of the Sunset in Busselton. I just love this picture!!

LAST LAST PICTURE :p P.S Do check out my bestie's blog HERE, her name's Esther and she is such a darling! She loves music and her posts are awesome to read. If you need a friend just go visit Esther and she'll be more than friendly and happy to get to know you :) Don't forget to follow :D


  1. Your messy bun looks awesome, I can never do that with my hair. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Thanks Addie :) It's quite simple actually :) I learned how to do it on YouTube. There's SO MANY tutorials :P Just pick one! :)

  3. Thankew my dearest friend! OMG u and Wei Yew look identical! haha! u guys look too alike in that pic xD but still sho pretty <3

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  6. Hi sweetie!! I follow you now!!

    I love your messy bun and your soft toys!! so bananas!! haha

  7. nice set of photos... keep posting!

  8. thank you guys for the sweet comments and follows!! thank you so much :D love you guys!

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