Friday, August 26, 2011

My Blog's First Award :D

OMG! I have recieved my first blog award ever. I was nominated by the lovely Julie Ann Lozada, stylish blogger of It's A Girl's Thing. Thank you so much Julie :) Hope you guys check out her blog, she never fails to update it with beautiful pictures :)

Well, here are
The Rules are:
Link back to the person who gave you the award.
Complete the form below.
Tell seven random things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers.


Name your favorite color: Blue :)

Name your favorite song: I have so many, so this is a tough one. I like bubbly, jazzy kinda songs. I love KPop, ballads, country and definitely Christian music.

Name your favorite dessert: Berry flavored Gelato or Sorbet

What pisses you off: People who don't mean what they say and people who suddenly get mad with no good reason.

When you're upset: I scream into a pillow and start punching it :P

Your favorite pet: A Golden Retriever, the prettiest dog in the world.

Your biggest fear: To die a gory death.

Your best feature: My eyes, I think my eyes are in an almond shape which is different. And my toes according to my Mother.

Everyday attitude: I start my day declaring that Jesus is Lord over my life. And I try to stay cool the whole day if possible.

What is perfection: Jesus, definitely the right definition of perfection.

Guilty pleasure: Peeling my nails, it's a terrible habit but I stopped xD

7 random things about me:

1. I love to break candy or chocolate bars secretly in little shops or pharmacies that sell them. But lemme tell you, I stopped doing that too! It's bad xD

2. I brush up my Korean language skills by talking to myself in Korean. Like cussing :P I don't cuss. Just words like "Gawsh!", "So Frustrating", "Kill you!" xP

3. I love pillows, I have baby pillows lying all around my bed. I just love hugging them to sleep.

4. I always love rainy and gloomy days.

5. I sometimes check wardrobes to see if I could get to Narnia just like a kid.

6. I love inventing machines, designs, food, fashion, so many other things!

7. I'm stronger, braver and smarter than I think I am.

And onto, passing this on to 15 bloggers (who haven't received it). I would really like to nominate Julie back if I had the chance to but since she was nominated before, I can't do that :P

The 15 Blogs that I nominate for ‘One Lovely Blogger Award’ award are:

Suki Pooki


Vee's Randomness

A Single Girl's Musings


Cookiedough: A Childhood Dream

The Cat Hag

Paint the town "Fashion"

Battle Gnomes


Me myself and my closet

Gorgeous Glam

We Make Plans

Kawaii Barbie

There are so many more that I meant to add to this list but I can only choose 15! I hope you check out these lovely blogs.
Love you guys!


  1. Congratulation! Same here. I feel disgusting with the frog meet. I don't have the bravery to try on it. :/

  2. Aww thanks hun! :) I punch pillows too.. and walls, lol, but not as violently as pillows haha! Hope your well! :D xx

  3. That's so sweet of you !! I'll do a blog post about it either later tnit or tomorrow =)

    I love these kind of tags/awards thingys when people say random stuffs about them =D So much fun to read !!

    Hope you had a good WE =)

    xxx Vee

  4. yay! congrats!! oh my goodness i peel my nails too!!! twins heehe.

  5. Heya there ! I'm so sorry it took me so long to post it but finaly my post about the award is up =) hehe

    thanks again its so sweet of you !!!

    xxx Vee

  6. Hi Lizzy! Thanks so much for passing this award onto me! I'll be posting this and other awards together soon so keep your eyes peeled for it! =D haha I think I would hate to die a gory death too! *shudders at the thought*

  7. Hi Lizzy! This is weird, I was sure to have picked this out when you gave this award lol I even made a post of it, Paying It Forward: Deux. Oh well, I guess it's some blogger error haha. thank you so much for the award, hun! I am so flattered and grateful for the award. I gave you an award too, check out that post and claim yours hehe.


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