Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Entry and What's in the Box?

Waddup people!

SO how was your day?
This is what I did:

I meant that seriously but nothing meant lying around and fiddling with my hair. Plus watching a bunch of videos on YouTube and snapping some pictures.

SINCE I was so bored, I decided to do an entry on what's in my jewelry box!

I got frustrated when I turned on my laptop. Had to wait for 15-25 minutes for the laptop to do some system check or something. Eek ><

Okay! Back to the Jewelry Section!
This box was my Mother's. It's pretty old. She had this when she was a teenager. But I love it! I think it's rustic and cute :)
Today, I'm just gonna show you the FIRST level :)
I wore this earring today :) It was a gift from a very dear aunt of mine. It was meant for my mom but she doesn't have pierced ears so... I guess it's mine now :p It's very pretty!
Closeup :)Emptied out the box and arranged them neatly! :)

I love this pair! This is actually the first pair of dangling earrings I got. I thought it was super cute 'cos I am a big fan of Piglet :)
This is actually my older sister's. A gift from our favorite Uncle, he got it from the gospel bookshop, yes they sell earrings too! :)
This is mine :) I treasure this a lot 'cos this is a birthday gift I got last year from my BFF, Abby :)
This is my sister's, it was her first pair of dangling earring. It was a birthday present from our Aunt Sonia :) From Denni, as you can see :D
This is my mother's, it's very elegant. I love pearls!
The final set of accessories! The little souveniers I got from HK Disneyland! I will include them win my HK Disneyland post too :)

I got this brooch or is it badge? I'll just call it a brooch. I got this on my first trip to HK Disneyland (I went 2 times, coolios :D) There were so many choices of brooches to pick from but I went with Slinky the Dog from Toy Story because it has a little spring which I thought was the most unique among the rest. But no, I'm not a big fan of Slinky, I actually prefer Ham, the pig :P

My sister's. They're lovely but a little heavy :P

The first pair of earrings we (both my sister and I, we share) got. These are super adorable! My mom found this in one of the many gifts shop in Main Street USA. We love Chip and Dale so we just had to have it. It comes with an additional pair of earring, the orange diamond thingy :P

So that concludes the tour of the What's In The Box, Level 1. Will post a new post for Level 2 soon :)

But wait! Don't leave! Before I say Ta-ta, I just wanna show you what my Mom bought today.
Chibi Maruko Bags!
Chibi Maruko is a famous Japanese cartoon. I LOVE her! My sister and I have been big fans of her since I was 6 or 7? And my sister, since she was 8 or 9 :p
Anyways we LOVVEEEEE her!
So my mother spotted this red authentic bag in the flea market and she bought it! Yippeee! I love the color, it's very authentic and the main color of Chibi Maruko, so great buy great buy!

This one is the mini bag specially for water bottles or flasks. It doesn't come with the other bag though, my mom had to buy it separately. It ain't a combo set or something :P
Love them!
So cute! I bring food from home for recess at school. So I could use this as a snack bag or something.

Have you heard of Chibi Maruko Chan? :)

Time to say goodbye now :)
have a great weekend!! (I updated my sidebar with new giveaways, check it out :))


  1. You have so much cute earrings :)

  2. I have a giveaway on my blog, if you would like to enter:

  3. nice stuffs! that system check make's me frustrated also! lolz!

  4. Hey cheers for the lovely comment =) I'm checking your blog and loving the slinky brooche ! I could totaly wear that !!

    I'm glad you found me via Addie, she's such a sweetheart !

    I'm following you aswell =)

    xxx Vee

  5. Love your jewelry box! So many cute accessories!

    The Style Moodboard

  6. Your jewelry box is so dainty. I love the chipmunks earrings, so cute! You have kawaii taste.



  7. Chibi Maruko Chan!!! <3 <3 <3 i use to watch it on Animax when i was young. :3 aww the earrings looks adorable! but too bad i dont have pierce ears. im afraid to get it pierce >.~ oh mymy! so many comments! your blog is famous! xD Xx

  8. I absolutely adore the pearl earrings; very elegant indeed! I also really like the white ones from Danni. And I can't stand those system checks either!

    Stop by my blog again for more delicious recipes and great photos!

    Your follower,

  9. nice! xo

    p.s. I'm having a sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out!

  10. Hi lizzy! You have a fabulous earring collection! The box is adorable and sooo vintage! My favorite pair are the mickey ones! I will definitely keep an eye out for those next time Im at a disney park! They're so cute! Omg I used to watch Chibi Maruko Chan when I was younger religiously!!! I wish the telly still aired them!


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