Monday, August 1, 2011

Everything Vintage

I'm such a fan of vintage things! I love everything vintage when it comes to cars, fashion, food packaging, anything! :) It's my dream to collect vintage stuff, I have a few vintage books and records that were once property of my mother (I call it Back When I Was Young) :P and some were from my uncle, he collected albums and records. I Googled pictures of vintage things that I would like to hunt down and keep when I grow up.


  1. haha well im not really a vintage person :P im not retro either :P i'm just a typical plain jane i guess x) but now im really into shopping. and the clothes that catches my eyes r those trendy ones :P

  2. These are great! I love vintage too, there's something just so nostalgic about them ,my favorite are vintage disney posters! =D

  3. Esther- Hooray, I LEARNED something about you today x) so I have a rough idea of what you like, it'll come in handy when I plan to give you something :D
    Suki- Yeah! I love Disney vintage posters too! I've seen them all over disneyland and I was hoping they'd be on sale :P but nooo :(

  4. I like vintage too! Great sharing Lizzy <3
    Hope your pimples recover soon. Thanks for your recommend :)

  5. ME TOO! I LOVE VINTAGE!!! Check out my blog :) I am a new follower! maybe we can follow each other????

    xoxo Denise


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