Monday, August 15, 2011

HK Disneyland: Part 2: Dining

Back with Part 2 of my HK trip! :)

I'm sorry I can't post these pictures according to the days because I totally got mixed up with which picture belonged to which day (as in Day 1 or Day 2).
So I'm just gonna post this like a travel journal or guide :P

Hopping from one ride to another made our tummy rumble, here's the food guide :)

The entrance of It's A Small World :D
(I'm the one facing the camera.)
After the ride we went to the ice-cream shack just right next to the ride to order some refreshments :) Grace, Rachel and I got Coke slushies. They served ice-creams but we decided to go with something different and fizzy.
I'm a big fan of Coke slushies!

Grace with her Coke slushie :) Pretty smile!

Meanwhile, Sammy (a HUGE fan of ice-cream) got strawberry ice-cream.
Grace and Sammy feeding the adorable sparrows the leftovers of his ice-cream cone.
By the way, there are always so many sparrows chirping and hopping around the park, they are so cute! ^^

After more rides and shows, it was time for lunch. Okay, I'm certain this was the food we ate for lunch on the first day.
We ate at the Royal Banquet Hall.
The Royal Banquet Hall served food like Japanese Noodles, Dim Sum, pizza, beef burgers, sushi and grilled steak (these are just some of the food they sell there).

Samuel requested for his all time favorite, Japanese Soba (Buckwheat) Noodles. He was happily slurping away :)
Me in the pink jacket with my messy bun. Grace on the right drinking her soup.
I ordered Rice with Pork slices, if I'm not mistaken. It was yummy, like home-cooked food, more towards the Asian cooking.
Grace ordered Mickey Mouse Pizza. I don't know if that's what you call it. But look at the shape of it! Everything's Mickey Mouse shaped in Disneyland, including the food. There are Mickey Mouse shaped jellies, waffles, pancakes, pizzas and croutons! I think there are more Mickey Mouse shaped food but sadly I never got to try all of them.
Samuel slurping ;D

These are some pictures of our Buffet Breakfast.
We ate breakfast at The Chef Mickey's Restaurant in Hollywood Hotel.
The spread was good, lots of varieties of food.
Not to mention, lots of Mickeys :P

Piggy Pau a.k.a Steam Bun
so cute

Rachel smiling for the camera.

See the Waffle? Isn't it cute? If you ever dine in Chef Mickey's. Go for the waffles. All four of us kids had second helpings. The bacon and baked beans were yummy too. But I think the waffles were the main highlight.

That's the end of today's tour.
I'm sorry for such little pictures
Too busy eating I guess :p
The next time I visit somewhere, I'll be sure to snap better pictures and make better posts.
Till next time!
(P.S, There will still be a Part 3)


  1. You don't need to be sorry for writing long comments !!!! I defo prefer that to short one, and so I get to know you better and it's always nice to read what other girl think and stuffs =) I really like making frinds online and be able to share stuffs =)

    I'm not sure it's the best pic for and advertisement =D I look like I'm not enjoying my ice cream :p ... But I was ! Cornetto RULES !

    I'll let you know all about my trip to Japan ... even thoe it's in a year or so :p because I'm still saving x__x I wanna save as much as possible so I can buy as many stuffs as possible =D héhé

    xxx Vee

  2. Fall in love with food which is in Disney characters. <3
    The mickey pizza seem yummy! :D

  3. thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and memories...

  4. Lovely pictures! And omgsh, that Piggy Pau is too adorable!!! Gah, now I totally regret not eating at the Royal Banquet Hall, we ate by the riverside thingy when I went there (I forgot what the name was >.<).

    Thanks for sharing your photos.



  5. *droooooools* oh..em..gee.. THE FOOOD! *eyes sparkle* :3


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