Friday, August 5, 2011

A Walk To Remember

I was looking through my camera roll, like I always do. And there were lot's of lovely and silly pictures my sister snapped of us so I thought I should share them on my blog. These pictures were taken in Sri Damai or Clearwater Sanctuary in Ipoh. We were taking a little stroll and enjoying the fresh air. The outdoors was nice, enjoyed great views but we didn't enjoy the mosquitoes feasting on our blood :P

Me with my hair tied up in to a not-messy bun, throwing a stick (a very random thing to do :P)
Me walking up the road to the reception area. Ohmygawsh, I look like I have a boyish-figure! My clothes look like they were made for male :P But the view is awesome :)
Rachel's flip-flops and painted toe-nails.

The wonderful view of the lake. See that pointy thing? That was the filming location of 'Anna and the King'. Cool!
Rachel's silly face :P She'll kill me if she sees this :P
Me getting bored and pulling grass
My giraffe Friendship necklace. Background: My Converse t-shirt!
Me starting a fire. Not working :P

Snapping pictures while Rachel's cycling.
The trees, I find so enchanting.
A Good Day.
Saying Hello to the Koi at the pond
Pretty orange :)

have a great weekend.


  1. You're so sweet! You look like you're having real fun in these pictures...except the one where you're bored and picking grass:)) Come on over to eat...I have lots of Italian food! I'm following you from Rome dear!

  2. You're so adorable! I love the pictures - they are so spontaneous and funny!:)

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  3. Lol 'me throwing a stick' haha your so random :D :)

  4. WOW it is so beautiful there! Looks like you had so much fun!

  5. Very fitting title! Some great memories there :)

  6. wow !! these pictures are sooo cute !!! loved the background of your blog !!

    PS- thanks for stopping by !! Following u !!: )

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments! Really appreciate it :)

  8. such a nice place, huh! i love places like that!


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