Thursday, August 11, 2011

HK Disneyland: Part 1: Welcome to HK Disneyland

So finally here's my delayed post about my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland last Christmas! I'll be posting this is parts. So this is part 1! Titled; Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!
The first sign you'll see at the long walk to the main entrance of the park. I felt SUPER EXCITED when I saw this sign the first day of the whole trip (I went to the park for 2 days :D) The moment you step down from the shuttle bus (that takes you to the park), Disney songs start playing everywhere, even in the washrooms! There's such a strong magical feeling in Disneyland, that I just LOVE :)

Let the magic begin! :)

Reached the famous Mickey and Friends mountain. Mickey is basically on the top of the blowhole of the whale, then water squirts up, lifting Mickey. I love this fountain!

This picture is IN the park. Look at the really tall and BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree! :)

Love how the building leans against the blue blue sky. It was a good day!
Okay, this is OUTSIDE the park. Sorry for the crazy sequence :P This is where we reached the ticketing counter and the entrance counter (where the security team checks your bags so that no one brings something illegal like a BOMB and BOMB the whole place down xD) It was quite a long walk to the entrance!

The four of us, feeling rather tired after the long walk to the entrance :P TIP: Come EXTRA early!! Otherwise you'll have to take a long walk PLUS wait in the LOOOOONG queue to enter.

Now on to the rides! (We did rush to rides and shows because we didn't want to wait in line for very long. The crowd would normally come in mid-morning so we rushed to rides earlier so we could play over and over again before the crowd arrived.)

I forgot the exact name of this show. But it's the best show in the park.
Roughly, I may be correct after all, this is Mickey's Philharmagic 3D!
This 3D show is simple awesome. You have got to watch it if you ever visit HK Disneyland.
I can't show you shots of the show because STRICTLY NO Cameras allowed :(
Me, my older sister and Grace posing with our 3D Glasses :P I'm the one on the left, can't see my face :P This was taken a few minutes before the show. The doors won't be opened immediately so we have to wait outside.
After the show ended.
It was SPINNING time :)
Mad Hatter's Spinning Tea Cups
Okay, this used to be my favorite ride but this trip, I felt really sick really fast. I was still spinning even after the ride ended. I felt really sick ><
I just love the colors of the cups! They remind me of Easter eggs :P

After several rides on other mini games like The Buzz Lightyear Lazer Gun game thingy we decided to take a stroll as the crowd had come rushing in like a swam of bees :P P.S, if you come extra early as in probably 8:45 am or something. It depends on the time they open. I'm not sure about this but I think the park opens in different times in different seasons. So anyway, if you come early (before the huge crowd), you can play games without having to queue for like...11 rounds of each ride. Yes! That's a lot :P

BACK to the stroll. Snapped some pics here and there. This is the day view of the lovely Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Picture perfect.
Since it was Christmas, they set up a small area of stores (you can't actually go in). I think it's called Duffy's (Disney's bear mascot :P) Village or something. So you can take pictures outside these decorations. But you can't go in, 'cos there's basically nothing inside :P
The pretty flowers by Duffy's Village. What I love about Disneyland is that they create such a magical atmosphere. There's always lovely flowers everywhere. A+ for their landscaping!
While walking, a mini band parade was performing! :) The band actually goes around the whole park playing their trombones and trumpets and everything. So joyful! :)
I'm so sorry, but this will be the end of part 1!
I need to retrieve more pictures from my cameras. I will DEFINITELY put up Part 2! Perhaps tomorrow, but ASAP :)


  1. I haven't go to Disneyland. Wish to go one day:)
    Great photos.

  2. Hi Lizzy, the website is on facebook . It is website I mostly visit. :) .Clothes in this website is pretty. I like most of them. But I haven't try to buy clothes from this website.I will try it next time. :D

  3. thanks Pei Yinn ^^ I will check it out.

  4. you're so lucky! one of my dream is to go to disney land!

  5. First off, thank you so much for such sweet words you left on my post. I am very flattered, thank you.

    Ahhh Disney HK! My happy place. I've been there 2 years ago, and I wish to go back there again. There's something so magical about Disneyland. And haha... I did ride on the Teacups as well! It's so cool you went there on Christmas, perfect place to celebrate a magical holiday.



  6. AAAWWWW lucky you :'( I wanna go there !

    xxx Vee


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