Friday, August 5, 2011

35 Followers! and Comebacks


Reached 35 followers! No it's not 50 or 100 yet but 35 is a good number to me. Thank you so much to my new followers. Thanks for following me and leaving sweet comments! I read every one of them and smile all the time :) Hope you guys continue to visit my blog! I love you guys! By the way, I follow every one of you back.

Next is just some Kpop news for some of you fellow K-pop fans (like me!) :)

G.NA's making a comeback! I'm a big fan of G.NA, the black and white singer :) And I'm anticipating her comeback :) I've read from that she will be making her comeback in August 16th! So we'll just have to wait till then :)

G.NA ain't gonna be the only one who will be making a comeback. KARA, too, will be making a comeback but later in September! I can't wait. Right now they're promoting their song Go Go Summer! Hwaiting ;)

that'll be all for now


  1. Kpop girls are ridiculously beautiful! I listen to it occasionally, but my friends haaate it. lol :P

  2. Hitting milestones is such a proud moment, congratz ;) Wishing you more followers to come!



  3. Congrats Lizzy! Every follower counts right, so 35 is a lot! I personally love how you have so many giveaway links on your sidebar and you even put the closing dates etc. on them, that's really thoughtful of you! I can't wait to see your hong kong post!

    Oh and regarding your question about the mickey stickers on the deco shelf, they're actually not 2D stickers but 3D decoden materials, I had to order them offline, I can't remember where I bought this particular pair but try Etsy or Ebay =D Those are normally the places I buy my more "special" materials to deco-ing stuff out.

  4. Congrats on the 35 followers!! I remember when I was just starting, and I was SUPER STOKED every time I got a new follower.
    Okay, I still get super stoked ...
    It's a nice feeling!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. k-pop really rock! post something for sandara park!


  6. Congrats! Remember us 35 when you hit the next milestone of followers ;)

  7. I just pressed "follow" and I'm now your 40th follower =D Yaaaaay !!!!!!

    xxx Vee


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