Friday, October 14, 2011

TAG: 24 Questions. Remedies

Hey guys:)

So I thought I would be extremely packed and wouldn't be able to blog since I'm caught up with studies but actually I seem to have some time :P Great news, I have been passing tests so far, and I'm really happy :D BIG SMILE! Will be taking more tests next week so I really hope I do well :)

In the earlier post I mentioned that this post will be about skin remedies, and that's right! I have been paying quite a lot of attention to my skin lately (not what I usually do) But I have LOTS of blackheads, pimples, oilseeds, and all that gross acne stuff which is driving me nuts! I went searching on YouTube on how to get rid of all this dry and oily skin problems. And I found this remedy:

Yes, this is bubzbeauty, a famous Beauty guru on YouTube. I love watching her videos and I learned a lot from her :) Wanna thank her for sharing her knowledge by making wonderful videos. This is a video about her Oatmeal Remedy which is what I've been doing daily. It does work! My face feels refreshed, softer, and smoother. But I still have a little bit problems with acne.

NOTE: If you have any good skin care remedies or tips, please do share with me! I'll try them and tell you how they work out :) Thank you!

Here are more videos on Skin Remedies:

You can go on Youtube and search 'bubzbeauty' to get more amazing beauty tutorials! She shares almost everything :) Suscribe to her!:)

Next, I'm going to do a Tag that I read at my new follower's blog Gabby's Beauty Basics. It's fun and I thought it would tell more about me :) You can do this tag on your blog and link it to me too, please do :)

1) What is your middle name?: I don't exactly have one. Tan? My full name is Elise Tan Yi (yes, I got Lizzy from Elise!:D)

2) What is your favorite subject in school?: Language Arts! I love poetry and literature :)

3) What is your favorite drink?: Banana milkshake or Milkis (Korean calpis)

4) What is your favorite song at the moment?: Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill. I love her songs! I love almost every song in her album, but this is my favorite :)

5) What would you name your kids?: If it's a girl, then it would either be Megan or Hazel. If it's a boy, I'll name him Ethan (haven't thought of a second name:P)

6) Do you participate in any sports?: I am not active in sports. But I like swimming and badminton.

7) Favorite book?: It's a tie between the Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle and Dear Julia. I also love Madame Doubtfire :)

8) Favorite color?: BLUEEEE :)

9) Favorite animal?: Polar bears, lions, or whales.

10) Favorite perfume?: Etude House's Petite Bijou Peach Touch

11) Favorite holiday?: Definitely Christmas. I celebrate my Savior's birthday!:) And I love the mood, the presents, the gathering, the laughter. Everything! Which is why the worst thing that could happen is having a bad Christmas.

12) Have you graduated high school?: A SECRET. I like to be mysterious :P

13) Have you ever been outside the country?: Yup! I love traveling :)

14) Do you speak any other languages?: Very tiny bit of Chinese, very tiny bit of Bahasa Melayu (or Malay), Korean, Hokkien. But I speak ENGLISH 98.5% of the time :)

15) How many siblings do you have?: Just one older sister :)

16) What is your favorite store?: Etude House and B2S.

17) Favorite restaurant?: Chillis :D I love Mexican food!

18) Do you like school?: Hard to say, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't :P

19) Favorite YouTuber: lilcammo93, charlieissocoollike, and bubzbeauty. I have many more!

20) Favorite movie?: Big fan of The Chronicles of Narnia series and also Pixar animation films. But to be specific, I love The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Tangled the best. Also like Letters to Juliet, When in Rome, You Again, Julie and Julia, and many more.

21) Favorite TV Show?: Castle and America's Next Top Model

22) PC or Mac?: I would love a Mac but I have little kaching-kaching, so I just own a PC :p

23) What kind of phone do you have?: A Samsung Corby II, my previous one got stolen :(

24) How tall are you?: 158 cm :)

Well, that's about it for today!
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  1. Hi Lizzy! These are great skin care remedies! I have problems with my skin too, especially my pores and the sudden zit outbursts >.< I thought I was past that since I'm wayyy over my puberty stage but I still get breakouts every now and then, and they're unsightly! ugh >.<

    Haha, you and I share the same likes, I see. I love Etude House too, and Prince Caspian is my fave of all Chronicles of Narnia :) I am also not active in sports haha but I love watching basketball and just recently, I've been going gaga over Muay Thai :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. WELL I KNOW YOU'RE MYSTERIOUS SECRET OF HAVE U GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL OR NOT! =DD heheheh! I don't pay much attention to my oily & sometimes pimple invaded face! but since the sun is killing me everyday I'm starting to care! wow the oatmeal things looks...yummy! xD but helpful too. :P

  3. Hi I like your videos. If you like italian Style, follow me. Frances

  4. Helllooo! ^^. Greetings from Singapore~~

  5. Omg I love bubzbeauty! Everything I watch her videos it makes me want to make my own LOL! Such a dork >< Pixar films are the best! As for acne I can't really help you there except maybe drink more water/fluids? It will help cleanse out your system a lot! =D You should totally do a "lizzy corner" haha it's your blog so it's all about you! Im glad you're doing well on your tests!

  6. Great post! It's a fun tag about you. :)

  7. I'm really glad you like Bubz she is such a good person and an amazing beauty guru !!
    I also love Narnia movies and books, just imagining myself being in that world is so sweet hehe =)
    My little cousin's called Elise too =D

    xxx Vee

  8. they are all great videos! i love your blog dear <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

  9. awesome remedy finds! Did you try any of the other ones out yet? and gosh we're like the same height. What grade are you in XD

  10. BubzBeauty has some great videos.

    Some of my beauty skin remedies tips that I can give you is pretty simple. I wash my face with a cleanser on my loofah every night in the shower. Make sure I wash my pillow sheets every week, because of all the dead skin cells, dirt, & oil build up could cause you to break out. Don't forget your bed sheets as well. Drink water, eat your veggies & fruits, & exercise. Try 100% pomegranate juice or eat beets if you want to cleanse. Both are great for detoxifying your system.


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